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Drone technology fulfills a major role in public safety, where unmanned aircraft can improve officer safety, help reconstruct scenes and provide critical tactical support. Law enforcement agencies use drones in patrol activities, overseeing SWAT operations from above, aiding in missing people searches, gaining critical insights into traffic scenes, accident reconstruction, pursuits, natural disaster responses, etc. 

A new drone piloting and livestreaming application allows law enforcement to livestream critical data directly into a digital evidence management solution. The streaming allows law enforcement teams to get widespread awareness on any critical incident beyond the body camera and into the sky. 

The Axon Air app developed by law enforcement technology giant Axon allows law enforcement to stream drone footage to command staff and into Axon Evidence in near real-time. Axon Air software is tailored specifically to public safety use cases. 

Eliminating the need in SD cards, the drone footage is uploaded securely to the cloud. The data is protected by the same rigorous data management system and chain of custody protocols that law enforcement agencies trust for body-worn, in-car and in-room video systems. 

The company has partnered with DJI drone manufacturer to combine its hardware with the Axon network. Axon partnered with a network of US agencies to develop the app, which includes customizable piloting controls and settings — about 30 agencies are using it in the field.

The new piloting and livestreaming features of the application are compatible with the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Matrice 200 series drones and accessories, according to