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An American 3D mapping company has unveiled a new parachute system to rescue drone in an emergency landing or crash. LiDARUSA has announced the Drone Rescue Systems parachute as an optional add-on when purchasing the DJI M600 UAV.

The company often used larger drones to 3D map environments. As UAVs become more and more commonly used for mapping, the probability of a UAV crashing and falling from the sky increases. When it comes to UAV safety, the operator should always be concerned with the safety of the people under the drone, as well as the safety as the drone itself. When a relatively large drone such as the M600 fails for whatever reason and falls out of the sky, it could cause severe injury or even death to anyone that is unlucky enough to have a drone fall out of the sky on, not to mention the damage the drone itself goes through.

To combat these dangers, the Drone Rescue System has been developed so to give drone operators the reassurance that if the system fails, the operator has done extra to make sure nobody gets hurt.

The Drone Rescue System comes in a re-packable canister that is 16 centimeters tall, 7.5 centimeters wide and weighs only 430 grams. The system auto releases an ejection mechanism whenever it detects a system failure, causing the parachute to deploy and the drone to descend at about 3 meters per second, slow enough to minimize damage yet fast enough so that the drone won’t be dragged away by wind. mentions that the company is offering its new Drone Rescue System Parachute to any M600 owners.