Protect the maritime Exclusive Economic Zone

IAI ELM-2270

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IAI ELM-2270
IAI ELM-2270

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled its advanced Multiple-Intelligence (Multi-INT) concepts for Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) maritime domain surveillance. The comprehensive and unique solution provides valuable coverage of a broad maritime area.

IAI is applying its experience gained from recent projects performed and offered to foreign customers in order to develop and evaluate these advanced Multi-INT concepts. The integrated Multi-INT system, developed by ELTA Systems Ltd., IAI’s subsidiary and group, is based on a gamut of in-house produced sensors and platforms that provide an affordable and reliable solution.

The system relies on coastal, aerial, space and naval-based sensors combined with an intelligence infrastructure layer. All sensors are interconnected through a command, control and communications network, providing integrated broad area surveillance, situational awareness and intelligence exploitation capabilities. 

For coastal defense and protection of strategic sites, IAI provides coastal defense radars and low-level threat air defense radars, which can also be installed on offshore rigs for point defense applications. For further reinforcement of maritime surveillance, additional in-house platforms and sensors may be used according to the customer’s requirements.

Additionally, IAI’s novel Over-The–Horizon (OTH) radar, operating in the High-Frequency (HF) band, can be integrated into the system. This radar is capable of looking over the horizon (OTH) for hundreds of miles into the sea, employing phased array technology and unique interference cancellation techniques that provide reliable, persistent coverage of the broad maritime area, regardless of atmospheric and/or sea conditions.

“Based on the advantage of having the majority of the required sensors produced in-house, IAI provides seamless integration of Multi-INT command and control and exploitation systems,” said an IAI Executive. “This enables maritime security forces to deploy effective, affordable and operationally proven surveillance systems in order to secure broad-area EEZ maritime surveillance.”