Mobile Police Command and Control Centers

12Mayotex-Philcar, the automotive division of the DFNS group has designed a very advanced tactical command and control mobile center that is becoming essential in the field of homeland security.

As a result, they have designed, developed and implemented for the Israeli Police a special Command & Control vehicle based on a Chevrolet Grumman chassis
which was customized to a mobile comfortable meeting room and an efficient operations center.

The vehicle is equipped with a variety of communication equipment and devices including:

  • helicopter live video streaming
  • satellite uplink and phone
  • dedicated police data systems
  • governmental systems communication interfaces
  • bridge antennas ready for 30 units
  • meeting room video wall
  • 8KVA 220V cummins generator with acoustic noise reduction
  • twin system air-condition for each room
  • office communication equipment (fax, phone, printers)
  • three operator positions (desks, PC’s, LCD screens)
  • high quality 30x optical zoom observation system
  • 10m (30ft) installed mast opened by an electrical pump.

All of this sophisticated equipment is controlled by a centered high end command & control system (Crestron/AMX, IPAD ready).

This state of the art mobile command center vehicle is the first of several to be used by all the major Israeli police commanders.