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A ground-penetrating radar integrated into a drone is expected to provide a solution for industrial, hydrographic, urban, and environmental data collection with the use of a GPR, magnetometers, methane detectors, and more. 

SPH Engineering and Hexadrone partner to integrate TUNDRA drone with ground-penetrating radar. 

A recent test flight conducted in Latvia confirmed the compatibility of the drone with a GPR sensor to perform near surface surveys.

Main advantages of the Tundra drone include a modular and multipurpose body that can be integrated with almost any payloads, accessories, and modules available on the market or in development. 

Available in different configurations, it can fly up to 1 hour without payload, 50 minutes with a 1,5kg payload, and 30 minutes with the max payload – 4kg, according to the company.

The solution consists of UgCS software for mission-planning, UgCS SkyHub hardware (on-board computer) for data accumulation, Radar Systems Zond Aero GPR, and Hexadrone TUNDRA drone.