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Harnessing AI/ML capabilities from research universities for defense systems will strengthen military capabilities in future multi-domain operations. A collaboration between Raytheon Technologies and two academic institutions is expected to augment military defense systems and further explore how AI can support military systems and decision making.

Raytheon Technologies’ intelligence and space business will award a combined amount of $400,000 to Southern Methodist University and Virginia Tech to develop AI and machine learning technologies applicable to military operations in attempt to mature Cognitive Aids to Sensor Processing, Exploitation and Response smart software capabilities.

SMU will work on human-machine teaming and competency-aware machine learning, an important component in building a trusted relationship between man and machine. Among the technologies, SMU’s image analytics project is expected to help operators exceed the current limits of image understanding. Virginia Tech will focus on close loop control and sensor automation. 

The project, Raytheon Technologies Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Defense Systems (RAAIDS), will advance key aspects of smart software for application to a variety of defense systems. These capabilities will reduce sensor operator workload while increasing the number of targets and intelligence objectives being addressed within a shorter timeline than has been achievable in the past, according to