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By iHLS NewsDesk

Next time, whoever tries to conceal on his body explosives or other forbidden/dangerous material, it will be detected by a sensor, but this time the sensor will not a human made one. Rather, it will be biological one, no other than a well trained lab mouse.

The Israeli company BIO EXPLORERS, developed a new and revolutionary method of detecting explosives and forbidden materials. The method is based on the idea of exploiting lab mice, having a highly developed sense of smell and an extremely high sensitivity. The mice detect the explosive by means of vapor emitted from the material arriving to the super-sensitive nose of the mouse. The information received by the mouse turns into an electronic signal that appears on the operator display in the form of “Yes” (forbidden material) or “no” (no forbidden material).

At the first stage, the company, in cooperation with security bodies, developed a biologic detection system for locating explosives, and the method proved to be successful. The applications of the new system are varied:
• Detection of explosives,
• Customs – detection of drugs and illegal money,
• Agriculture – detection of poisonous materials and bacterias,
• Medicine – early detection of diseases

The company reports that the results of tests show that the biological sensor is far more sensitive than existing systems, including dogs and various sniffers. While the existing methods are based on detection of particles (solid or liquid) of the forbidden materials, in the biologic method the sensor-mouse detects even the lowest concentrations of gas in the forbidden stuff.

The first product of the company is a Walk through Detector for detection of explosives. The system is friendly for its users-operators, and the person passing the portal is not required to take off clothes, empty his/her pockets or take off shoes. This means a higher privacy compared to the known body detectors of airports, and the checked person is not exposed to any radiation.

The company is working now on development of a system for checking commercial cargos and vehicles.

Written by: iHLS NewsDesk

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