Advanced Air Defense System Successfully Tested

The first live-fire test of the Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile Extended Range (AMRAAM-ER) variant for the National/Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) was successfully...

Advanced Missiles to Equip US Helicopters and UAVs

The US is enhancing the missile capabilities of its helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The US Army asked Lockheed Martin to build the...

Hellenic Navy Gets Game-Changer Vessel

The Hellenic Navy will acquire eight Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) frigates from Lockheed Martin. The company said that the ships could be produced in...
Turkish combat UAV

Turkey Advancing its Domestic Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Turkey is progressing with the domestic development and manufacturing of unmanned combat capabilities. The third prototype for Turkey’s unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) Akıncı...
air defense

Successful Live Firing Trials to IAI’s Barak Air Defense

Extended air defense capabilities achieved by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The company completed a series of successful live firing trials with the Barak Air...

New Development: Counter-Drone Radar Platform 

Gaps in the short-range radar market, coupled with the rapidly-growing autonomous drone threat, presented an opportunity to the development of a new radar solution....

Israel’s Arrow-4 Weapon System Enters Development Stage

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in the Directorate of Defense R&D (MAFAT) of the Israel Ministry of Defense, and the U.S. Missile Defense...

SkyGurdian to Demonstrate New Maritime Capabilities

SkyGuardian unmanned aerial system will be taken to the United Kingdom later this year for a series of operational capability demonstrations for NATO allies.  The...

Major Update to Familiar Attack Helicopter

The U.S. Army has reported that its first operational unit has received the latest version of the Apache attack helicopter. This new version of...
Photo Iron Dome by Rafael

Egozi: RAFAEL’s Advanced Air Defense Systems

By Arie Egozi RAFAEL Advanced Systems continues to add capabilities to its combat-proven air defense systems. Only recently, the Israeli company has completed a two-week-long series...

Meet New Surveillance Radar

A new surveillance radar is designed for the detection of multiple threats in the modern battlefield or security environment. SPEXER 600 multi-mission, X-Band ground-based...

The Payload is the Key – New Drone Equipped with Advanced...

The advantages and capabilities of an unmanned vehicle depend, to a large extent, on the nature of the payload it carries. An advanced UAV...

New Power System will Enable Maritime Use of Laser Weapons 

Laser weapons have become more and more prevalent, but they require a lot of power in an immediate way, faster than a mechanical generator...

Avenger UAV Has Fighter Jet Sensing Capabilities 

Equipped with new technology to boost its autonomous sensing capabilities, an Avenger UAV passed a flight test conducted by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI). The...

Ground-Breaking Israeli Technology Delivers Multi-Layered Defense Optimization 

The field of aerial defense against threats such as missiles, unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles, and drones is evolving throughout all military arms. It is...
border security

Thermal Imaging and Drone Technology for US Border Protection

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is enhancing its border protection capabilities with new surveillance platforms. The agency has awarded FLIR Systems a contract...

Israel will Sell Slovakia Radar Systems Manufactured by IAI 

Slovakia is purchasing an advanced Israeli radar system. The Slovak government approved the recommendation made by the Slovak Ministry of Defense to procure 17...
drone detection device

Unique Radar Capabilities Researched for Drone Detection

A key part of safeguarding public security is being able to detect dangerous or unsafe situations before they occur. Quantum-enabled radar technology research aims...

Military UAV – Global Market Forecast

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be one of the most dynamic growth sectors of the world aerospace industry this decade, according to a market...

Pilot-AI Teaming During Historical Flight

The US Air Force deployed an AI algorithm on a U-2 test flight to essentially serve as a radar operator on the aircraft. During...

Breakthrough in Drone Sensor Data Management Attained

A new data management solution provides a rapid capability for the exploitation and further distribution of drone sensor data.  Tactical UAV operators in the field...

What’s Accelerating Automotive World Revolution?

The signs for the revolution in the automotive communications world are already evident. The technology that allows vehicles to directly communicate with each other,...


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These Wearable Fibers can Generate and Store Energy

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) have developed new battery and solar fibers for wearable electronics with an ambition to develop...