There's a need for Anti-Drone solution

Anti-Drone Autonomous UAV To Watch The Skies

With current ubiquity of drones, many people don't feel safe or feel that they have lost their privacy. There has come a need for...

Revolutionary Quantum Detection Technology Developed

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon whereby two particles remain interconnected, sharing physical traits regardless of how far apart they are from one another....
stealth fighter jets

Stealth Fighter Jets Pose a Threat

Confronting the threat of stealth fighter jets requires the development of advanced and special means in comparison to the challenge posed by other fighter...
low visibility storm. image by pixabay

How Can Pilots Fly In Harsh Environment? This Is One of...

Often, military forces have to fly in challenging operating environments. In the Middle East, pilots would often experience a “brown out,” which occurs when...
underwater mines

Underwater Mines Detection Becomes Easier Task

The KATFISH-M, a ruggedized version of KATFISH Towed Synthetic Aperture Sonar Platform for real-time, detection and classification against underwater mine threats, has successfully completed...

Innovation in BVLOS UAV Flight

The ability to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) significantly improves their effectiveness and potential. Countries around the...

Military UAV – Global Market Forecast

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be one of the most dynamic growth sectors of the world aerospace industry this decade, according to a market...
radar surveillance

Long Range Eyesight – Radar Surveillance System

A radar system has proved its advantages in vast region surveillance. The Raptor surveillance system demonstrated its capabilities when it was set up at...

Syrian Strikes Would Battle-Test Chinese Radars

Unidentified air forces have performed attacks in Syria in recent years with no early detection. According to the foriegn press the aircraft were operated...

Uruguay; Coastal Radar Contest Update

Four contenders, including two from Israel, have expressed interest in the Uruguayan Navy's coastal radar tender: Italian Vitrociset and Elman are offering Danish Terma...

New Radar to Enhance European Air Power

The German and Spanish Eurofighter combat aircraft will be equipped with new electronically-scanned (E-Scan) radar sets. Airbus has been contracted to develop, deliver, and...
iron fist

IMI Systems to Expose its Iron Fist Light APS

IMI Systems - an Israeli defense systems house for combat-proven solutions and the developer and manufacturer of Iron Fist family of active protection systems...

Israeli made radars will be maintained in Brazil

South America is becoming a big potential market for Israeli made defense systems and the Israeli manufacturers increase their presence in the region. Elta ,...

US Steps Up Anti-UAV Measures

With the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles on the military sphere, there has been a growing demand for anti-UAV defence systems, that are...

France is Developing Next Generation Air-to-Air Missile System

The French defense procurement agency, DGA, has announced Mica NG air-to-air missile program to replace their MICA medium-range missile. This missile program will renew...

iHLS TV Weekly Edition – AUS&R 2014

iHLS Israel Homeland Security In this weekly report (25 November 2014): The AUS&R 2014 Conference and Exhibition will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, November 26, under any...
stealth drone

What Role for New Stealth Drone Under Development?

The U.S. military has been using a variety of drones as targets in live-fire exercises. The Pentagon also has deployed drones in combat in...
air defense

Successful Live Firing Trials to IAI’s Barak Air Defense

Extended air defense capabilities achieved by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The company completed a series of successful live firing trials with the Barak Air...

ADME Conference: Protecting Israel’s Skies

Israeli skies are under constant threat of rockets, missiles and mortar fire, launched by terrorist organizations and aimed at cities and towns Israel has developed...

Drone Payload Market Expected to Grow

UAVs carry onboard a variety of critical electronic systems. Types of payloads include EO/IR, Cameras, Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Sigint, Elint, Comint, MPR, Laser...
IEDs Used Against Armored Vehicles

New Camera Will Identify IEDs For Soldiers

Soldiers in combat situations have to constantly scan their surroundings for improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a signature weapon of modern guerrilla warfare. These homemade...

“Bat Radar” To Help Prevent Drone Accidents

Much has been said of the concern about aerial accidents due to drones crashing into other aerial vehicles and it may be that Panoptes System Crop...


image provided by pixabay

“Responsible AI” – The Solution to the Deepfake Threat?

Several months ago, thousands of Democratic New Hampshire voters received a telephone call from none other than US President Joe Biden urging them not...