israeli defense industry

New Competitor to Israeli Defense Industry

The Republic of Korea has a long-term ambition to develop a domestic fighter aircraft, including relevant avionic equipment such as AESA radar. Now, the...
כטב"ם הרון

Heron UAV Secretive Sensors Revealed?

India has lost a valuable troop scanning Heron UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), along with its payload of sensors and intelligence systems, to a cross-border...

C4I Technologies for Terrain Dominance Conference – Innovation at its Best

Many participants from the ranks of the Israeli police, the IDF, the defense and civilian industries, came today to learn about the newest technologies...
internet of things

Coming Next Week: IoT for Security Conference

The forthcoming IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS will shed light on a lesser-known aspect of the Internet of Things: Security and...

Elta Tactical Ground Surveillance Radars – for HLS missions

Ground based radar systems have gained operational importance as wars became more limited and urban. The need to detect and identify targets under any...


Tactical Ground Surveillance Radars (GSR) Become Crucial Sensor in Defending Critical Installations.
fighter aircraft

Russia Will Upgrade its Fighter Aircraft Based on Operation in Syria

Russia hopes to upgrade its fleet of Sukhoi Su-35C fighters based on experience gained operating in Syria this year. As with almost all new aircraft,...

Persistent surveillance – one main focus in the show

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) will showcase its persistent surveillance capabilities in the Paris Air Show that has begun today. IAI has recently delivered a multi-role...

New Israeli IED detection technology creating interest

Negotiations are underway with some potential customers regarding the very advanced Israeli developed systems for IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) detection. IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) had...

New small tactical radar systems

לעברית לחץ כאן . In a very surprising move, RADA , a small Israeli company, has in a way ended the total dominance of Elta, the...
ספינה בלתי מאוישת

World’s First Dual-Use USV Exposed

A UAE-based maritime company has revealed the launch of its latest offering, the B7X. The new model, which can be utilized for both manned...
video surveillance

Thermal Radar for Video Surveillance in Border and Infrastructure Security

Intrusion detection is the most critical step in securing border protection of any kind. An advanced thermal radar utilizes a rotating FLIR Tau2 thermal...

Real time systems, demand for more processing power

Real time systems are software and hardware that must operate according to a set sequence, with no diversions. In comparison to a home computer,...

Pentagon Counter-IED Group heads to Iraq as attacks surge

The Pentagon’s Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) is preparing to deploy members to Iraq where 145 roadside bomb attacks carried out by Islamic State militants killed...
patriot missiles

Poland Wishes to Purchase Patriot Missiles

In recent years, NATO member Poland has sped up efforts to overhaul its military in response to Moscow’s renewed military and political assertiveness in...

New Sensor Changes the Game for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles require a clear view of stationary and moving objects on or around it. Lidar is one of the driving forces that help...

Syrian Strikes Would Battle-Test Chinese Radars

Unidentified air forces have performed attacks in Syria in recent years with no early detection. According to the foriegn press the aircraft were operated...

3D Real-Time Laser Technology Now in Israel

Velodyne has developed and produced a High Definition Lidar (HDL) sensor designed to satisfy the demands for autonomous vehicle navigation, stationary and mobile surveying,...

Aeronautics to Launch Orbiter 4

Aeronautics LTD, a leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of state-of-the-art unmanned systems for land, sea and air, integrating surveillance equipment with network...

Rheinmetall-Canada and IAI Awarded MRR Program For the Canadian Army

Rheinmetall-Canada and ELTA Systems, an IAI subsidiary and group, have been awarded the significant Medium Range Radar (MRR) program by the Canadian Department of...

New technology will help locate aircraft underwater

Almost every passenger aircraft carries emergency locator transmitters (ELT). All aircrafts are required to carry a minimum of one ELT. Larger passenger jets, carry...
manned aircraft

How Was UAS Incorporation with Manned Aircraft Made Possible?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations are projected to increase sharply in civil airspace in the coming decade, but many problems remain unsolved regarding their...


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Russia’s Stealth Submarine Can Launch Hypersonic Nukes

Russia began the trials of its latest nuclear-powered submarine, the Arkhangelsk, which has advanced technological features and hypersonic cruise missiles. This submarine, which shows Russia’s...