New Development: Counter-Drone Radar Platform 

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Gaps in the short-range radar market, coupled with the rapidly-growing autonomous drone threat, presented an opportunity to the development of a new radar solution. The Spyglass 3D radar platform for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAV) and other short-range defense missions has been developed by Numerica. 

The Short Range Surveillance Radar will be available for applications including facility security, border surveillance, convoy and vehicle protection, air space monitoring and more.

Spyglass is designed to detect and track small, autonomous, UAV beyond three and a half kilometers with precise measurements to support a range of mitigation techniques. With a high degree of configurability and out-of-the-box support for distributed operations, the system’s software-driven control capabilities will enable seamless integration into layered defense systems.

According to the company’s announcement, the technology is based on its deep-rooted experience working with the US military.

The system utilizes Ku-Band Phased Array technology to provide high-precision measurements, improving targeting and classification performance at longer ranges and providing critical time for decision making and threat mitigation. 

The advanced signal processing algorithms and autonomy extend the detection range of the 3D radar allowing users to see farther and faster.  

With a rugged, solid-state design, low power consumption and low transmit power, the system is built to be deployed anywhere needed.

With embedded C2 and AI software, Spyglass is designed to enable broad-area autonomous sensor networks. Software-defined operating modes enable rapid customization to specific mission requirements.  

Designed and manufactured in the US by trusted defense partners. 

Spyglass will be distributed by Liteye Systems, a technology solutions provider and integrator of military and commercial solutions.