The Payload is the Key – New Drone Equipped with Advanced Radar

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The advantages and capabilities of an unmanned vehicle depend, to a large extent, on the nature of the payload it carries. An advanced UAV platform for public safety was recently integrated with advanced flight radar, gimbaled EO/IR camera, and mobile ad hoc networking radio at the behest of an unnamed Federal customer. The UAV can support force protection and early warning missions.

Developed by Zenith AeroTech, the Quad 8 UAV is a long-endurance, tethered sUAV. When deployed at elevation, its low profile and low noise signature help prevent detection and protect operations.

The dual-use aircraft can be deployed for various applications, including firefighting / EMS / Public Safety, Defense, Inspection / Security, as well as communications, media, etc, according to the company’s website.

Capable of flying at 400 feet AGL for hours — and even days — at a time, the tethered UAV draws power from an easily transportable ground power unit. 

The quadcopter is equipped with two motors and propellers on each of its four arms. The redundant propulsion systems means that the unit can safely land even after the unlikely loss of 2 motors. 

The UAV reflects high flexibility in its payload, able to fly a combination of cameras, other sensors, and illumination panels. Its payload capacity reaches 12 lbs.

The user launches and operates the UAV in either manual or automatic control mode, using a wireless remote control device to effect continuous RF-transmission of flight and telemetry commands, as well as sensor data to one or multiple selected viewers.