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The world understands that hydrogen energy is the next big thing in the energy field, and so does the HyDrones company, located in Haifa Israel, which has announced the launch of a breakthrough drone based on hydrogen fuel cells that are capable of carrying up to 25 kgs of weight, remain in flight for 145 minutes and reach a flight speed of up to 90 kmh. The company CEO Dudu Parpara told iHLS that this technology is a significant breakthrough in the drone world, the ability to notably extend the airtime of a drone opens the door for various new opportunities and applications, which have not been seen before.

“We successfully passed the flight tests of the Hy5000 drone, which was able to maintain flight for over 4.5 times the amount of battery fueled drones and is capable of reaching the height of over 5,000 meters, making it undetectable from the ground.”

The HyDrones company was created in 2022 by CEO Dudu Parpara, whose background involves previous work in the defense sector and over 17 years of experience in the drone technology field. The chief technology expert of the company is Nir Granot, and the company’s business & innovation advisor position is fulfilled by Keren Michaeli.

According to Keren, “Pilot-less flight systems, are the future of the aviation industry, the drone market is expected to grow rapidly in the next 10 years and many pilot programs are being carried out and will continue to be carried out, with the biggest challenge being regulation which will expand and adapt itself to the growing market as a result of the ever-growing numbers of pilots.”

The company developed 3 electronic drones fueled by batteries, which are currently being sold to defense industries in Israel. The drones are produced to work in many different scenarios and can carry cargo measured at 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg. During the last month alone, 50 electronic drones were provided to the company’s consumers.

HyDrones’s Next Big Thing: The Air Taxi

HyDrones’s vision for the future is to produce air taxis manufactured in Israel, and since the company leaders have many years of experience in the drone field, they understand that the next big step is to completely absolve traffic jams by utilizing air taxis, and that is what the company is currently working towards.

“We believe that the new technologies developed by our company and our strong and accomplished team will help create the beginning of a new era.” HyDrones states.

The company has developed a motor control technology which allows its drones to reach incredibly high speeds of up to 110 kmh. Additionally, all of HyDrones’s platforms comply with the IP-67 rating standard, which means its’ products can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high levels of moisture and ingress of dust and airborne particles. The company procedures the drone structure, as well as the C&C program behind the drone, and executes the assembly and integration. Dudu Parpara explained to iHLS that the production of the hydrogen fueled drone, Hy-5000, is carried out in cooperation with an Austrian and a French company which aided HyDrones with the development of the fuel cells that provide energy measured at 5.5kW.

The Technion labs, located too in the city of Haifa, aid with the characterization of the fuel cells and their power consumption.

According to Dude Parpara, “the HyDrones hydrogen drone flips the rules of the drone industry and brings with it innovation and change. Its’ ability to carry heavy cargo for long periods of time and at high velocity, opens the door for new opportunities and various innovative applications. Including new solutions in the transportation sector, which makes it a revolutionary and powerful product that promises to provide high quality value to its customers.”