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Call for Dual Use Technology Startups

Are you a startup company related to the security sector? Are you looking for recognition, international exposure, access to investors, and the ability to...
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New Electromagnetic Spectrum Capability Will Enhance Modern Warfighting

The electromagnetic spectrum, or EMS, is considered a modern-day battle space that spans the air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace domains. The DISA (Defense Information...
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Our Approach To EM Is Changing

According to reports, a US Strategy will be developed and will implement “superior electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) capabilities” through improved enabling technologies to “sense,...
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Leap-Ahead Technology Will Create First-Of-Its-Kind Laser

The terahertz frequency range -- which sits in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared light -- has remained difficult to...
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New Partnership Promises to Secure Information

In uncontrolled environments, secure communications can be jeopardized by RF signals that are almost impossible to manually find and identify in real-time. New technology...

Powering Wearable Devices Using Unexpected Source

Researchers have found a way to harvest electricity from radio waves. From microwave ovens to Wi-Fi connections, the radio waves that permeate the environment...
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US Showcased It Can Withstand Electronic Jamming

In a jamming environment, emergency response or law enforcement missions may be compromised by the lack or unreliability of communications. A counter-jamming exercise held...

Revolutionary Solution for Contested Bandwidth

Congested bandwidth is challenging. The recent concern about 5G deployment near US airports focuses on the problem of radio interference. Beyond the 5G issue,...
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Latvia to Enhance its Electromagnetic Protection

With the goal to equip its armed forces with emerging and disruptive technologies, the Latvian MoD will invest some $1.4 million in three innovative...

Non-Kinetic Protection for Military Bases 

An advanced counter drone system is concluding an operational assessment. Drone swarms have posed a challenge to both high-cost weapons systems and small arms,...

AI-Based Optimization of Strike, Survivability and Stealth Missions

Defining the Problem The modern battlefield is characterized by a proliferation of sensors and threats to friendly forces in terms of quantity, range, and integration....
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Strategy: Achieving EMS Superiority

The US Department of Defense’s air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace operations depend on the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). In the midst of commercial advances,...

US Army Getting New Counter EW Technology

The US Army’s vision for 2028 focuses on preparing Soldiers for possible warfare with near-peer competitors, who have used electronic warfare to disrupt communications...

IDF C4I Corps Commander Brig. Gen. Yariv Nir: Israel Thwarted Hamas’...

Within the framework of Operation Guardians of the Walls, Gaza Division, infantry and artillery troops were enhanced with a resilient communication network enabling C2...
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Maritime Arena: Innovative Solution to Detect Illegal Activity

RF signals can provide valuable insight into commercial vessel activity across the globe, even when bad actors seek to hide their location. New maritime...

Egozi: RAFAEL’s Solution against ‘Black Sky’ Hazard

By ARIE EGOZI Sensitive facilities must be protected against electromagnetic pulse and Israeli companies are trying to supply this protection. The Rafael Advanced Defense Systems BNET...
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New EW Development Program Expected

The U.S. military wants to develop high-power microwave amplifiers that generate enough electromagnetic radiation to disrupt, disable, or damage targeted electronic components and circuits. Defense...
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US Combatants will be Equipped with New Navigation Technology

As a navigation and surveillance system, GPS utilizes signals from orbiting satellites, operating independently of internet or telephone reception and working anywhere on or...

US DoD Kicks Off Smart 5G-Enabled Logistics Site

An initiative to deploy a private 5G wireless network that will enable an array of cutting-edge technologies has been officially kicked off in a...
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New Development to Keep Post Location Secret

Over the last several years, the US Army has worked to build up its electronic warfare capabilities, pursuing a broad campaign of development, and...

Ground-Breaking Israeli Technology Delivers Multi-Layered Defense Optimization 

The field of aerial defense against threats such as missiles, unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles, and drones is evolving throughout all military arms. It is...

Electromagnetic Spectrum – the US Wants to Rebuild its Capabilities

The Pentagon knows electronic warfare is going to be an important part of any great power competition with China and Russia, but it also...