New Ukrainian Night-Vision Drone Resistant to Electronic Warfare

New Ukrainian Night-Vision Drone Resistant to Electronic Warfare

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Ukrainian drone-making company Brave Inventors revealed its Shoolika (“Kite”) Mark 6 drone – an electronic warfare-resistant combat drone with impressive night vision capabilities.

Brave Inventors reportedly aims to promote Ukrainian defense technology innovation and assist early-stage Ukrainian startups in developing breakthrough defense technologies.

According to Interesting Engineering, the Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov revealed the new drone on Telegram, claiming it can launch precise strikes even during nighttime operations – “The Defense Forces have already tested the Shoolika MK6 and offered their feedback: the drone is important for tactical operations, especially at night.”

Fedorov further explained that the Shoolika MK6 is capable of carrying payloads of up to 6 kilograms and operating up to 10 kilometers away from its operator, making it a versatile tool. It is reportedly currently undergoing NATO codification and will receive updates to enhance its AI and camera capabilities for more effective use in tactical operations.

As part of Russia’s war with Ukraine, Ukraine has been using drones to counter Russian forces and reduce casualties, and a new military branch dedicated to unmanned and robotic air, sea, and ground systems was even created. Ukrainian officials have expressed their commitment to increasing domestic drone production and the production of first-person view (FPV) crafts for attack and reconnaissance purposes.

This past year has been filled with news of new Ukrainian drones (like the Shoolika Mark 6), including the new AQ 400 kamikaze drone, which has a reported range of 750 km, can be launched using short runways or catapults, and carries payloads up to 32 kg.

Ukraine’s drones have proved very effective, with some being used to destroy a long-range supersonic bomber and an oil tanker in the Kerch Strait loaded with fuel.

As to Ukraine’s future plans, Defense Express reports they include improving the AI system for autonomous missions and upgrading cameras to enhance target identification and course adjustment for aerial strikes.