AI Capabilities Boost UAV Industry

Turkey has been enhancing its UAV capabilities as part of its constant improvement of the level of expertise it has in UAV technology. STM...
Drone Attacks

Watch: Terrorists Behind Mass Drone Attacks Killed

Last week, 13 drones were flown from the Idlib area in Syria to targets about 50 kilometers from there, and tried to attack Russian...
X-Ray Scan

Airport Security Might Switch To CT Checkpoint Technology

Airport security first came to the public eye on September 11, 2001, when 4 airplanes were hijacked and crashed into U.S targets, killing almost...

Taking Best of Military Tech to Automotive World

A military-derived high-resolution radar system will enable fully autonomous vehicles when it goes into production vehicles in 2020. The ICON Radar system uses advanced...
utilizing big data and artificial intelligence

New Tech Makes Sense of Big Data

With the advent of the era of "artificial intelligence plus," science and technology across the globe are entering an extremely rapid evolutionary stage. Utilizing...

New Aerostat Will Be Equipped With Multiple Intelligence Sensors

The development and production of a first SkyGuard 1 aerostat system has been completed. SkyGuard1 is a large aerostat in a blimp shape, which can...
big data

New Big Data Platform Predicts Trends in Business and Defense

Gathering insights from big data regarding future trends requires data scientists’ expertise and can take weeks or even months. Now, an MIT spinout has...
infantry warfare

New Robot Could Change Infantry Warfare In Tunnels

In recent years we are experiencing a change in the way armies do battle around the globe: there are no more tanks-on-tanks clashes and...
Cruise Missiles

Nuclear Cruise Missiles Program To Be Brought Back

President Donald Trump’s administration of is about to overturn some more Obama-era policies. This time, President Trump is set to reverse a decision to...

Brazil and Israel – cooperation on Homeland security technologies.

SIBAT, the International Defense Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defense, is promoting defense cooperation between Brazilian and Israeli companies. "We are excited to...
crowd management

Drone As Crowd-Management Solution

India will use drones for both crowd management and infrastructure inspection. As one of the most populous countries in the world, India is interested...

World-Record Flight for Hybrid Drone

Most commercial multicopter drones boast flight times of 25 to 30 minutes. Now, drone manufacturer Quaternium is claiming a new milestone in this field,...

Augmented Reality Helps UAS Traffic Management

Augmented displays of airspace conditions demonstrated enhanced situational awareness during UAS flights. Kevin Gallagher, president and CEO of Simulyze Inc., believes utilities considering the...
nerve gas

Syrian Forces Used Nerve Agents – Says New Report

New evidence supports the conclusion that Syrian government forces have used nerve agents on at least four occasions in recent months: on April 4,...
small arms

Egozi: Will India Purchase Large Quantities of Small Arms from Israel?

By Arie Egozi India is fast-tracking the purchase of assault rifles for its armed forces. The Indian Ministry of Defense has cleared a proposal worth...
loitering munition system

High-Precision Loitering Munition System Unveiled

A new high-precision loitering munition system developed by UVision has been unveiled. The Hero-400EC is an enlarged, extended-range, extremely precise loitering munition system equipped with...
big data

Big Data Role in Intelligence Missions

The operational world that interests governments the most nowadays is the intelligence world. Unlike the “national/military” intelligence of the past, the current intelligence realm...
big data

Boom in Drone-Enabled Big Data Technologies

Drones offer a vast, bird’s eye view for collecting data, which can contribute enormously to diverse areas such as weather, traffic flow, and even...
anti-ram fences

Anti-Ram Fences in Combat Against Terrorism

Terrorist vehicle attacks in various cities around the world during recent years have emphasized the urgent need in the development of defense systems. Anti-crash...
new earplugs

New Earplugs Enable Two Key Abilities

New earplugs for soldiers and law enforcement teams supply active hearing protection and better situational awareness. OTTO Engineering, specializing in the design and manufacture...
sensor system

Smart Sensor System to Replace Border Wall?

  A virtual wall using computer technology and thousands of portable sensors is offered as a solution for stopping illegal immigration and drug smuggling along...

US Taking North Korean Threats Seriously

As part of the preparation for North Korea’s growing threat, the Pentagon will try to shoot down an intercontinental-range ballistic missile (ICBM) for the...