Boom in Drone-Enabled Big Data Technologies

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Drones offer a vast, bird’s eye view for collecting data, which can contribute enormously to diverse areas such as weather, traffic flow, and even disaster forecasting. A fleet of drones can collect and analyze road conditions in real-time, amassing data that can help alleviate gridlock in real-time. And, unlike traffic cameras, drones have the flexibility to observe from numerous angles and can be sent swiftly to flashpoints, making them ideal for monitoring our roadways.

According to, several companies have been recently using drones for data collection and analysis in such areas. An aerial intelligence platform provided by Kespr is integrated with cloud storage to streamline insurance claims and help analysts better grasp the scope of a disaster.

CyPhy specializes in high-endurance tethered drones with secure payload data that provide vital information and real-time footage to first responders; these drones are designed for customers in the defense, public safety, and commercial industries.

The Elios inspection drone by Flyability was designed to explore indoor and confined spaces to guide safety improvements to anything from bridges to mines.

With copious amounts of data to power unmanned aerial vehicles, “smart drones” will become more adept at navigating hazards on their own and communicating amongst themselves to negotiate safe flight paths, alter routes automatically in real-time according to current conditions, and even abort missions altogether if the data shows too much risk.

Various solutions for big data challenges in both the civilian and military spheres will be discussed and presented at the coming Big Data for HLS Conference and Exhibition. 

The event will be held on February 21st at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion, with the participation of the leading experts and industries of the big data ecosystem in Israel and abroad.

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