First UAV Mapping over Major Urban Area

First UAV Mapping over Major Urban Area

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The first UAV mapping mission over a major Canadian metropolitan city was concluded. This first of its kind operation, flown over the downtown core of Victoria, B.C., was completed for the City of Victoria’s Emergency Management Division and conducted alongside members of Transport Canada.

The two flights covered an area of 1.5 square kilometers with approximately 1000 high resolution drone-acquired images collected. The survey was completed in one day by a professional flight crew, according to

The mission was operated by Global UAV Technologies, a leader in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry, together with InDro Robotics, a compliant UAV mapping, training, and consulting business, and High Eye Aerial Imaging.

“The ability to safely operate a UAV over a populated downtown core without interrupting people’s daily commute is a milestone event and will aid in progressing UAV regulations in Canada.” said Jeremy McCalla, Global UAV Technologies’ Business Development and Operations Manager. He added that the successful collaboration on the project provides a foundation for future collaborations on similar missions.

“Transport Canada’s willingness to work with the team to ensure this mission, vital to emergency planning and preparedness, could be flown in an efficient and safe manner has provided not only a wealth of data for emergency response but also a new depth of knowledge for future operations in such environments.” stated Phillip Reece, CEO of InDro Robotics.