Cybersecurity to Protect Artificial Intelligence

A new study shows how vulnerable compressed AI models are to adversarial attack and offers a solution. Connected devices (IoT) such as smartphones, security...

Will Deep Learning Prevail in Cybersecurity?

The cyber threat landscape is evolving, and current network security measures like signature-based detection techniques, firewalls and sandboxing fail to keep up. With corporate...

US Acquires High-Performance Computing Capability

A new supercomputer under development will have big data analytics and deep learning applications in the energy, defense and security, science, industry and many...
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Defense Program for the Risks of Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) has reached a stage of technological development serving diverse applications – from highly efficient manufacturing, medicine and massive information analysis to...

Joint Exercise Tests Readiness for Cyber Attack

Increasing risks of cyber attacks pose a challenge for infrastructure security, such as the supply of electricity power, water and transportation. A joint exercise...

AI Technology in 2019 Consumers Market: Predictions and Analysis

Salesforce company alerts that in lack of proper rules and regulation , artificial intelligence (AI) might have a negative impact on social networks and...

Artificial Intelligence in Service of Defense Industries  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already making a significant impact on the field of military and security industries. Extensive funds are being invested in research...

Your Smartphone Fingerprint Identification is Not So Safe

Smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung typically use biometric technology in their phones so that people can use fingerprints to easily unlock their devices...
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Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning? Concise Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning have been playing a ground-breaking role in the development of security and defense systems for the...
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Face Recognition – New Horizons

New face recognition capabilities will help streamline post-event investigations, support rapid response to situational changes, and derive richer operational intelligence for data-driven decision making....

Can AI-Based Forgeries be Thwarted?

Deepfake (“deep learning" and "fake") is an artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source...

Artificial Intelligence for Public Safety

Artificial intelligence coupled with cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology can be a powerful measure to achieve public safety. Oil company Royal...
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The Algorithms Stole the Show at Video Analytics 2018 Conference

Artificial intelligence algorithms form the basis of video analytics next-generation technologies. The numerous visitors who attended the iHLS Video Analytics 2018 Conference today learned...
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Machine Learning to Predict Injuries

Ground-breaking research recently used big data analysis and machine learning to develop a model in order to predict the development of pressure injuries among...

AI Now Exposes Fake Robbery Claims

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can now be used to expose the truth of a fake claim filed for insurance purposes without wasting police time. Law...

First-of-its-Kind AI Processor Developed

The first artificial intelligence processor that is a deep neural-network accelerator, delivering both high operational capability and high energy conversion efficiency for a full...

Incorporation of AI in UUVs Now Accelerated

New cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is intended to result in advanced AI systems in unmanned surface vehicles (UUVs). The goal:...

New Device Challenges Terrorists

Asymmetric warfare, meaning conventional militaries combatting guerrilla and terrorist organizations, has long posed a challenge for states. New technology combining mobile platforms with the...

AI-Human Hybrid Soldiers in Rapid Development

U.S. defense intelligence is becoming increasingly concerned by a new technology rapidly emerging in the Chinese military - AI-human hybrid soldiers. Earlier this month, Intelligence...
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Neutral Explosives Detection Algorithm in Development

In order to upgrade and improve airport security systems, the U.S. government and airport security experts are working to develop vendor-neutral software for explosives...

Hyperspectral Sensors to Enhance Vision on Battlefield

A new type of vision-enhancing technology is currently being developed to be used in the battlefield. “Hyperspectral” imaging looks beyond ordinary colors to see...


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The First Driverless Military Vehicles Designed Without Driver Space

California-based self-driving technology developer Kodiak Robotics is partnering with defense manufacturing firm Textron Systems to build military ground vehicles specifically designed for driverless operations....