US Space Force’s Powerful Chatbot Tool Tackles Coding

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The US Air Force and Space Force announced a new GenAI chatbot tool called NIPRGPT (Non-classified Internet Protocol Generative Pre-Training Transformer) that is designed to help the Department of the Air Force (DAF) learn how AI can advance access to information.

DAF chief information officer Venice Goodwine said in a department announcement “Our recent GenAI Roundtables with industry and academia have shown us this is an actively growing field. Now is the time to give our Airmen and Guardians the flexibility to develop the necessary skills in parallel. There are multiple modernization efforts going on right now across the federal government and within the DAF to get tools in the hands of the workforce. This tool is another one of those efforts.”

The announcement explains that the platform will assist staff with communication, research, and coding tasks while remaining connected to a secure online environment.

According to Breaking Defense, DAF’s acting chief data and artificial intelligence officer Chandra Donelson said in a public statement to the media that NIPRGPT has shown promising results despite still being under development. Alexis Bonnell, AFRL chief information officer, further claimed that NIPRGPT “is a critical bridge to ensure we get the best tools we have into our team’s hands while larger commercial tools are navigating our intense security parameters and other processes,” adding that NIPRGPT will allow Airmen and Guardians to explore and build skills and familiarity as more powerful tools become available.

NIPRGPT is derived from the Dark Saber software platform developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate, while the Dark Saber project is made up of Air Force and Space Force servicemembers and its mission is to create next-generation, deployable software and capabilities.

Bonnell concluded that as service members start using NIPRGBT, the USAF plans to collaborate with commercial partners to assess whether the DAF actually requires generative AI.

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