The EU’s Office for Safe and Trustworthy AI

image provided by pixabay

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The European Commission has established an AI Office to foster the development of safe and trustworthy AI in the EU, which will help implement the AI Act with a particular focus on positioning the EU as a global leader in trustworthy AI.

According to Innovation News Network, the AI Office will employ technology specialists, administrative assistants, lawyers, policy experts, economists, and more. It will also collaborate with AI developers, the scientific community, and other stakeholders to create best practices, test and evaluate AI models, gather information, and apply sanctions when needed.

The office will foster a trustworthy AI ecosystem by providing advice on best practices, access to AI sandboxes, and support for structures like Testing and Experimentation Facilities, European Digital Innovation Hubs, and AI Factories. It also aims to promote a coherent and effective European approach to AI internationally and eventually become a global reference point.

Following are the office’s units and their intended roles, as reported by Innovation News Network:

  • The Regulation and Compliance Unit will ensure uniform enforcement of the AI Act across the EU and work with Members on investigations, infringements, and sanctions.
  • The AI Safety Unit will identify and mitigate the risks of advanced AI models while focusing on evaluation and testing methods.
  • The Excellence in AI and Robotics Unit will promote research and development, coordinating the GenAI4EU initiative to integrate AI models into innovative applications.
  • The AI for Societal Good Unit will lead international AI projects for social benefits (like weather modeling and cancer diagnosis).
  • The AI Innovation and Policy Coordination Unit will implement the EU AI strategy, monitor trends, support AI adoption through Digital Innovation Hubs and AI Factories, and encourage innovation with regulatory sandboxes and real-world testing.

“With the new AI Office and its 140 talented women and men, the Commission will have the necessary expertise to drive the implementation of the AI Act and to reinforce Europe’s role as a global standard-setter in AI,” said Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton, and added that the office will “foster a European AI ecosystem that is innovative, competitive and respectful of EU rules and values.”