Face Recognition – New Horizons

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New face recognition capabilities will help streamline post-event investigations, support rapid response to situational changes, and derive richer operational intelligence for data-driven decision making.

Face recognition technologies can aid forensic investigations by automatically recognizing individuals in security footage or other videos. The software can also be used to identify dead or unconscious individuals at crime scenes. The technology uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video, and compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match.

The new technology developed by BriefCam is based on state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks trained in diverse data sets for accuracy in face matching. The v5.3 model of the video content analytics platform introduces new breakthrough capabilities across all three of the platform’s seamlessly integrated solutions, delivering a powerful and innovative approach to making video content searchable, actionable and quantifiable.

For example, BriefCam’s Review is equipped with robust multi-camera search capabilities that identify men, women, children and vehicles with speed and precision, using 25 classes and attributes, face recognition, appearance similarity, color, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time.

Precise face recognition rapidly pinpoints people of interest in real-time using digital images extracted from video, external image sources and pre-defined watchlists, according to businesswire.com.

“BriefCam v5.3 further enables organizations to derive exponential value from their existing video surveillance system investments,” said Trevor Matz, president and CEO. “With the addition of highly accurate, real-time face recognition capabilities to our extensible video content analytics platform, organizations can further benefit from real-time actionable intelligence for their situational awareness and operational agility initiatives.”