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Israeli military technology is being tested in Austria’s ski resorts. An Augmented Reality (AR) ski helmet which includes GPS, a speedometer and the ability video call friends brings the experience a fighter pilot has in the cockpit to snowboarders.
The system based on AR technologies projects for the military was developed by RideOn, a startup founded by a former Israeli Air Force pilot.

The ‘Mohawk’ helmet is designed to allow snowboarders and skiers to travel down the slopes with all the latest information projected onto their visor.
Users are able to pinpoint their exact location through GPS and navigate all slops on a map, check their velocity, heartbeat, weather forecast and outside temperature, reports
Helmet users can also listen to music and make live video calls with friends while skiing and see friends’ locations around them. The intuitive hands-free operating system of the helmet enables calling and messaging.
With an integrated camera, snowboarders and skiers can record their downhill runs. An emergency button feature will directly alert the nearest emergency services. Online maps supply information in real-time.
During the trial period in Austria, skiers can test the helmet for free for 30 minutes, or rent one for the day. The company has 3D maps for all resorts worldwide.