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Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful and versatile new tool with huge potential to drive the public safety sector. The technology can be applied to the protection of life and property, as well as to the promotion of modern governance. Software Defined Camera by Huawei is the “first AI camera in the CCTV industry”, able to provide on-demand real-time definitions. “This allows for it to quickly adapt to the changes of multiple scenarios – where in the past a single camera did a single smart analysis, now a variety of different intelligent analysis functions are implemented at the same time in the same device,” according to the company’s statement.

Further, with the improvement of the camera’s own computing power, the intelligence becomes more precise via being hierarchical in nature, allowing the co-ordinated working between cameras and the cloud nodes.

This also enables the continuous evolution of algorithms and applications on the camera evolved iteratively, with advanced features such as health state self-detection, self-perception and scene adaptive learning, which in all enables visual management of an entire network, the statement explains.

The company has recently launched its latest smart public safety solutions. These include the Video Cloud Policing Big Data Solution, an integrated AI analysis tool. The system enables intelligent crime investigation and prevention. It can analyze huge volumes of data to obtain valuable information on first-time visitors, frequent access statistics, movement patterns and suspicious activity. It provides a holographic profile of key personnel, background information and activity track dynamics.

Charles Yang, president of Huawei Middle East, said he believed their solutions can create better city management, faster emergency response times, and more accurate identification and apprehension of criminals, according to