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When police officers are busy entering incident reports into their patrol car laptop, they often face severe challenges such as decreased situational awareness, distraction impacting officer safety, and poor ergonomics. According to an industry survey, law enforcement professionals spend more than 50 percent of an average eight-hour shift doing paperwork whether in the patrol car or at the station.

An incident reporting solution by voice, based on speech recognition, can help law enforcement officers in incident reporting. Watch Nuance’s Dragon Law Enforcement speech recognition technology:

In fact, speech recognition solutions solve five key law enforcement challenges in documenting mission-critical information in faster, safer and more efficient ways – all by voice.

Increased situational awareness – Speech recognition technology improves in-car documentation by letting officers write reports, look up license plates and even control CAD/RMS systems using their voice while staying heads up with eyes on their surroundings, according to

Increased Accuracy – Speech recognition solutions increase accuracy in incident reporting by eliminating the guesswork in transcribing handwriting and also event recall. Since notes can be taken in real-time simply by speaking, they can capture more specificity, while thoughts are still fresh on an officer’s mind versus trying to remember details hours later.

Faster Reports – Departments can create reports three times faster by voice by dictating in real time.

Reduced time and costs – Through the use of speech recognition solutions, departments may reduce the time needed to transcribe documents, reduce dependency on transcription services, and thus reduce outsourcing costs.

Improved ergonomics – The poor ergonomics of sitting in a patrol car to type a report can be reduced when using voice recognition technology. “Speaking” the information into a system integrated with speech recognition software instead of typing it minimizes the physical discomfort.