New Device Challenges Terrorists


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Asymmetric warfare, meaning conventional militaries combatting guerrilla and terrorist organizations, has long posed a challenge for states. New technology combining mobile platforms with the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) into a single product called SWORD, able to identify, manage and mitigate immediate threats.

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SWORD features an integrated, infrared-object-detection HD camera and proprietary algorithms paired with the company’s facial recognition software, and all placed in what appears to be a regular case for an iPhone or iPad. It can detect weapons from a distance, and inform its user whether an approaching individual is armed.

Royal Holdings Technologies Corp. stands behind SWORD technology. Essentially, SWORD allows undercover security personnel to mingle with crowds, holding up their devices from between 10 meters to 30 meters away.

SWORD has no “pause and pose” requirement. Scanning takes less than 1.5 seconds, and clothing doesn’t need to be removed.

Additionally, SWORD doesn’t need to be plugged in and has a battery life of up to 8 hours on the iPhone 8 or iPad Pro, and devices can also be mounted on tripods to create random screening points.

If an object is detected or person of interest is identified, the operator is immediately alerted.

SWORD detects both metallic and non-metallic threats that have been concealed on an individual, including a wide range of weapons, explosive devices, tactical surveillance counter-measures (TCSM) and even 3D-printed weapons.

AI machine learning allows the system to constantly add new faces and threats in near real-time to ensure defense intelligence is always up to date, as reported in