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The Chicago city Ambulance Service started incorporating a new emergency response drone.

We have just recently wrote in about drones being flown by canadian paramedics beyond the pilot’s field of vision, and it’s clearly showing that drones can be incorporated in many areas of use when it’s about first responders.

PropelUAS,  a division of Evans Incorporated, announced that it is partnering with Medical Express Ambulance Service (MedEx) in the unveiling of a high-tech “Concept Ambulance” that integrates Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into its collection of life saving technologies.


According to, the company is providing UAS-related expertise to determine the benefits and the future of UAS integration with traditional apparatuses used in the emergency response vehicles. Together with MedEx, the team is addressing numerous challenges, such as the ideal drone configuration for this integration, operational considerations for emergency response, and navigation of airspace regulations. The company is collaborating with Lockheed Martin and MedEx to combine the very best elements of emergency management systems with the potential of tactical UAS. Lockheed’s Indago systems are used for a variety of lifesaving military, first responder and civil applications.

The developing company partners with organizations to assist in navigating and integrating UAS technologies into their organizations. As a division of Evans Incorporated, it is uniquely positioned to assist Emergency Responders, such as MedEx, after years of supporting the Federal Aviation Administration with the integration of UAS into the National Airspace System.

It can be shown that many industries, with first responders one of them, can benefit very much from adapting to modern technological advancements.