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Innovative video analytics solutions complemented by optical tools can bring about a robust surveillance system.

Canon Group’s imaging capabilities, network image processing technology and innovative video management software can assist government and law enforcement agencies in making more informed decisions and navigating complexities relating to population movement, crowd concentration and threat detection in an open and globally connected world.

According to, the company has been offering several Intelligent video analytics technologies, including:

Queue Analyser – Can be applied at security check lines common at airports, immigration checkpoints, public infrastructure such as train stations or taxi queues, or even at restaurants. It enables an accurate assessment of the estimated waiting time and resources required to ease congestion by counting the number of people in a queue. The solution is able to count people in several queue shapes, such as straight line, multi-line and S-shaped queues.

Profile Analyser – Well-suited for understanding visitor demographics and featuring practical applications for both security and marketers, the solution analyses the age and gender of multiple people within a set time duration. For privacy protection, the software does not keep records of the visual information.

People Counter – A video analysis software capable of accurately counting the number of people in congested situations; in addition to the standard version, this core technology is also compatible with Milestone’s platform as a plug-in, with network cameras from other manufacturers.

Sensor technology for precision surveillance tools include:

250-megapixel CMOS Sensor – Achieves an ultra-high signal readout speed. It has high application potential in the specialised fields of surveillance, crime prevention or even in commercial industrial use, where ultra-high resolution and clarity are required for precise measurement.

Low Light Surveillance for Threat Detection – ME20F-SH ultra high-sensitivity multipurpose camera – Features a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and minimum subject illuminance of less than 0.0005 lux, offering high versatility as an urban surveillance solution for environments such as airports, harbours, and for law enforcement activities in the night where high visibility surveillance is imperative for communicating accurate information and detecting threats.

Paired with the Canon Drone Solution, the high-sensitivity camera is able to achieve even wider applications for use in such locations as disaster zones to deliver real-time and high quality images from otherwise inaccessible areas. The clarity of the captured images can help authorities to determine the degree of devastation and the type of resources required for deployment.