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A look into the future, that was the main focus of the Future Forces Conference in Rishon Le zion today.

Organized by i-HLS, the unique event enabled experts from Israel and foreign countries to see what is the forecast – how will future forces look in 2025 and beyond.

Israel is one of the world leaders in the field of home security, in light of diverse threats which require it to plan, develop and innovate unique means of response occasionally positioned at the extremes of imagination.  These solutions and innovation are necessary at both the personal level of the “street level commando”, through the military environment and even beyond. With a base line status where security and rescue forces must be at the ready and cope with a range of challenges having broad dimensions, combat methods, areas of execution, and taking into account the enemy’s operational capabilities and more, the need arises for a unique arsenal that allows coping with the broadest spectrum of threats and scenarios.

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Providing such a complex means of addressing these issues requires in-depth understanding of existing and developing capabilities of a range of threats in general, and of terror organizations in particular, while stressing those organizations support by other countries. On the other hand, identification and direction towards developing operational needs simultaneously occurs through two axes.

Experts from the Israeli police fire services and defence companies pointed to the technological trends that will shape the form of future forces.

“That was a unique event that really looked into the next technologies that will be used by special forces” an industry official said.