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As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are required to wear face masks in order to minimize the chances of contamination. A new solution will automatically prevent people who are not wearing masks from entering buildings. The feature enhances existing autonomous security and property management device with advanced mask detection capabilities.

The feature by Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) supports building owners and property managers with an autonomous tool to identify face mask usage, create automatic alerts, and generate ongoing face compliance scores.

This reduces the risk of confrontation and escalation that has happened when manned security monitors and enforces mask usage. Furthermore, analytic features empower executives to monitor mask compliance at retail establishments and other workplaces, and compare compliance rates across multiple sites so management teams can address sites with low compliance first, reports

When a person without a mask is detected, the system can generate, depending on customer preferences, audible and visible alerts to remind people to mask up. It also feeds alerts and a cloud-based data storage system so that security executives can analyze data for trends or quickly locate videos of important incidents. The mask detection feature can be activated on all RAD devices based on client requests. 

The simple installation of the autonomous monitoring systems is an alternative to the lengthy and laborious process of implementing a comprehensive CCTV system. They can be integrated into access control systems, denying entry to people who fail screenings even if they have a building pass. 

The system would not only be used to enforce mask policies at the entrance to a site, but can also detect if someone removes their mask while inside.