vital law enforcement tools

Drones as Vital Law Enforcement Tools

Drones have become powerful and vital law enforcement tools. Police in Norfolk, England, will soon be using drones to help search for missing people,...

An iHLS Startup: Reviving Maps for Safe Cities

In recent years, we've been witnessing more and more security officials that have been trying to find more efficient methods to map the field,...
ihls security accelerator

Security Accelerator’s Innovative Developments Showcased at Missile Defense Conference

Side by side with the impressive weapon systems presented at the exhibition of the IAMD Missile Defense Conference, the hundreds of visitors had the...
smart cities

Smart Cities – What’s The Next Move?

The latest trend in the business and technology worlds, the internet of things (IoT) seems to be everywhere. People and organizations are now demanding...
video content

Next Step in Video Content Understanding – Forecast and Recommendations

Innovative technologies in the intriguing video analytics field have been constantly improving the ability to understand and identify video content for various applications, in...

New Player in The Sensor Tech Revolution

The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), a public-private partnership, recently announced a new Defense Department project. The AIM Photonics initiative will...
analytics tools

New Analytics Tools will Enhance Security in Public Places

New embedded analytics tools - a motion tracker and a crowd detection tool - were launched recently. Aimetis Corp., which specialises in intelligent video...
big data for homeland security

Great Interest in IHLS Big Data for Homeland Security Conference

iHLS fifth annual conference on Big Data for Homeland Security attracted many technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs and representatives of the high-tech industries, defense industries,...
operating UAVs

Operating UAVs Near Electric Power Utilities – New Rules

New rules for commercially operating UAVs in the U.S. relate to flying in the vicinity of electric power utilities. They have been published by...
smart city

Smart City – Another New Field of Display for Drones

Drones are expected to play a key role in the up-and-coming smart city environment, providing support for a range of use cases. This is...
startup festival

Startup Festival – Call for Pitches in All Technology Fields

We are delighted to invite you to participate in a unique event and present on our stage your original ideas to investors, customers and...
safe city solutions

Prevention, Response and Recovery – Safe City Solutions

Technological solutions by themselves are useful, but their real value is found when they complement one another. A wide array of homeland security technologies...
video evidence

How to Manage The Flood of Digital Video Evidence?

A new Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) software technology solution has been introduced for law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors – moving beyond body camera...
integration system

Start-Up: Integration at the Push of a Button

In a world where every organization works with a wealth of data sources - cameras, sensors, organizational processes etc. - there is a growing...
securing protests

Securing US Protests  – How Could Israeli iHLS Accelerator Help?

Anti-Trump protests erupted in major cities across the United States following the Presidential inauguration. Some of the rallies escalated into violence, and the police...
vehicle-based surveillance

Another Tech PowerHouse Enters Surveillance Vehicle Market

Vehicle-based surveillance has increasingly become an efficient means for police and crowd control missions.  A new vehicle-based video surveillance platform aims to change Law...
gaze detection

Gaze Detection Technology as a Suspect Monitoring Tool

Monitoring and analyzing suspicious behavior has become a pressing need for law enforcement teams. A new development offers a "remote gaze detection technology" that...
homeland security

Blockchain Technology Enters Homeland Security Department

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to utilize Blockchain technology, an approach in technology that replaces data managers with encrypted blocks...
safe city

Safe City Technologies Will Secure US Presidential Inauguration

Various measures will be involved in the securing of the upcoming US Presidential inauguration event, turning Washington, DC into a platform for Safe City...
thermal cameras

Thermal Cameras – Will They Prevent Shootouts in Public Places?

Over the backdrop of the shootout attack carried out in a public domain, the city of New Orleans has been considering the use of...
high-speed pursuit

New Police Tool for High-Speed Pursuits

The cost of high-speed pursuit can be high: there is a risk of injury or death to officers, bystanders, and offenders, financial exposure for...
alert app

Alert App – Police Involves Locals in Fight On Crime

A new development might help the Staffordshire Police in the UK put criminals behind bars with the help of local people. The Staffordshire Smart...


image from video

Revolutionary Snake-Inspired Robot Can Move and Manipulate Objects

Snake-inspired robots have many advantages over conventional wheeled or legged ones, like adapting the shape of their body, entering narrow spaces and moving freely...