Next Step in Video Content Understanding – Forecast and Recommendations

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Innovative technologies in the intriguing video analytics field have been constantly improving the ability to understand and identify video content for various applications, in the civilian as well as the security and military sectors.

The Israeli company viisights, which develops a data management and intelligence platform for digital video, brings to market its advanced capabilities in video content understanding and dynamic and complex identification in near real time. The company supplies solutions to the analysis of video cognitively while referring not only to the visual dimension but also to audio and text. The system’s self-learning capabilities enable it a constant improvement.

Recently, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Giora Inbar has been joining the company’s advisory board. Inbar, who commanded elite units during his IDF service, including Shaldag commando unit, Golani reconnaissance battalion and more, is a known entrepreneur and seasoned business executive, was the co-founder of Kaman Holdings and managed it, and today serves as the CEO and owner of Ofaki Denish strategic consultancy company.

Inbar will assist viisights in business development, as well as in the military aspect of the product and the navigation of the company towards the fulfillment of its technological vision – the development of an innovative platform for autonomous video surveillance.

While at present, video content can be understood in a manner that analyzes the direction of a driving car, for example, in the future, the company’s technology would consolidate all the information and insights from the various sources and cameras deployed in different areas, creating smart alerts through this knowledge, for example alerting that the car has been driving in a suspicious way.

Moreover, according to the company’s vision, the system would be based on the information it has analyzed in order to make inferences and generate recommendations as to the actions required, for example, to stop the suspicious car, send security teams to the arena etc. This feature would enable a more simple interaction between the human factor and the platform.

In fact, it is a quantum leap from video understanding (of actions, events, and scenes), towards the fusion of video understanding data with multiple data sources such as location data, face databases etc., and from here – towards inference, recommending actions to predicted situations.

The platform, that will supply also the ability to compare past documentation in order to track changes is based on machine learning technologies.

viisights participates in the second cycle of the iHLS security accelerator which focuses on homeland security.

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