New Analytics Tools will Enhance Security in Public Places

analytics tools

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New embedded analytics tools – a motion tracker and a crowd detection tool – were launched recently. Aimetis Corp., which specialises in intelligent video management software (VMS), announced the release of two new analytics for the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). As part of the company’s suite of embedded video analytics, Aimetis Motion Tracker (AMT) and Aimetis Crowd Detection (ACD) deliver added functionality and value to Axis network cameras and encoders.

The new applications can be used with Aimetis Symphony VMS, reducing the CPU load of the server, or with any 3rd party VMS which supports the Axis Event Data-Streaming API.

According to the company’s website, AMT reliably tracks changes in dynamic surroundings and can be configured using the embedded rule engine to alarm on custom events such as tripwire and alarm zone violations. It goes beyond standard motion detection by locating and tracking movement across multiple video frames. By distinguishing changes between frames, AMT can alarm on object direction and be used in combination with video management software to run searches and reports.

“Aimetis Motion Tracker reliably captures object location and streaming detailed metadata to a VMS,” said Justin Schorn, VP Product Management at Aimetis. “This is superior to the included motion detection capabilities on the camera, which have limited integration possibilities.

The second system, previously only available through Aimetis Symphony as a server-based add-on, Aimetis Crowd Detection (ACD) is now available as a standalone analytic application that can be installed on Axis cameras.

ACD can be used to monitor public spaces by determining sudden congregations in areas of interest. It also monitors occupancy levels to identify bottlenecks and overcrowding for several different verticals, including retail, entertainment, and government.

“Monitoring occupancy levels is important for both public safety, and optimizing staff deployment,” said Schorn. “Aimetis Crowd Detection will help surveillance systems become more proactive and reduce risk, without the need to upgrade any server hardware.”