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reconnaissance drones

Reconnaissance Drones to Be Dropped by Fighter Jets

Reconnaissance missions to collect enemy information no longer require large UAVs. A small, disposable drone that fits inside a shell that looks like a...

Algorithms to Save Intelligence Analysts’ Time

Innovative development in the human-machine teaming would enhance the abilities of the US Armed Forces. Project Maven focuses on helping U.S. Special Operations Command...
manned fighter jets

UAV to Fly Alongside Manned Fighter Jets

The XQ-58A Valkyrie, a jet-powered drone designed to fly alongside manned fighter jets and navigate autonomously, completed its first test flight in Arizona. The...

New Exoskeleton to Augment Soldiers in Battlefield

While robotics is the application of engineering towards replacing humans from dangerous or repetitive tasks, exoskeletons is the application of robotics and biomechatronics towards...
combat vehicle

Unexpected Integration of Drone and Combat Vehicle

Recent advancements in commercial drones and their use by the military bring vehicle and drone manufacturers closer offering integrating drones with manned or unmanned...
autonomous tank

Autonomous Tank is Going to Hit the Road

While there are plenty of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems now in use, a projected new tank platform would represent the first use of autonomous...
conference and exhibition

Impressing UAV to be Showcased at AUS&R Huge Exhibition and Conference

The impressing Heron UAV of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will be showcased at the heart of the huge exhibition and conference AUS&R - the...

Indian Army Invests in Robotics and AI

The Indian Army plans to invest in its warfare fleet by introducing integrated battle groups (IBGs), energy weapons, artificial intelligence, robotics and micro-satellite technologies...
drone swarm

Drone Swarm – Better Solution for Various Challenges

There are many benefits to using a swarm of smaller drones working together to achieve a common goal in place of one large one,...

Groundbreaking Robotic Developments Revealed for First Time at AUS&R

Unmanned systems decrease the risk to soldiers and security teams by keeping them at a remote and secure site while streaming data for full...

Manned-Unmanned Teaming Revolution Reaches Tank Level

Robot vehicles, often referred to by army weapons developers in the context of “manned-unmanned” teaming, are a fast-growing element of the developmental calculus when...

Will Infantrymen Become Spotters for Robots?

The Russian army is developing tactics for a future force of armed ground robots, including, surprisingly, human infantry scouting ahead of the main drone...

Disposable Drone to Conduct Resupply Missions

Getting supplies delivered to troops in remote areas is one of the logistics problems military forces confront. In many cases, it’s too dangerous to...

2019 Looks Like a Year of Innovation

2018 was a pretty good year for military innovation, but it looks like 2019 is going to be even better. The Pentagon and other...

Startup Competition: Meet Tech that Reveals Personality from Face Analysis

A new technology reveals personality from facial images at scale to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people and dramatically improve public...

Future’s Tactical Assault Operator Suit

American war-fighters have long enjoyed a technological preponderance over their opponents. They are equipped with the best high-tech gear in the world, such as...

Watch Boeing’s New Unmanned Platform

Boeing has introduced its newest unmanned platform, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. The aircraft will complement and extend airborne missions through smart teaming with...

Ground-Breaking Counter-Drone Technology

The protection of critical and business facilities from possible security breaches by unmanned aircraft has become more needed, and technologies that monitor and potentially...

Unmanned Systems Expert? Don’t Miss AUS&R 2018

If you are part of the global and Israeli unmanned systems and robotics ecosystem, you cannot afford to miss the leading annual event in...
Unmanned Humvee

Machine Gun Added To Robotic Humvee

The U.S. Army is now sending a robotic Humvee to the gun range to see if an autonomous vehicle can accurately engage targets with...
unmanned systems

Call for Startups – Unmanned Vehicles & Robotics Airshow AUS&R 2018

We are delighted to invite ground-breaking startups in the unmanned systems and robotics fields to take part in the sixth unmanned vehicles & robotics...

AUS&R 2018 – Leading Conference on Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics

The AUS&R 2018 Conference and Exhibition, organized by iHLS for the sixth year, will focus on the unique role of the unmanned systems at...


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Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...