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A new technology reveals personality from facial images at scale to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people and dramatically improve public safety.

The startup Faception – Facial Personality Analytics is the first and only company in the world in this field of facial personality analytics, attracting the interest of global media. The company develops solutions for identifying potential criminal or terrorist based on face structure analysis and additional parameters,

Faception participated in the iHLS Security Startup Accelerator. Recently, its major patent has been approved, several successful pilots and PoC tests of the system have been conducted with technological vendors, federal agencies, HLS Service Providers and System Integrators etc., and the company is widening its sales pipeline.

The company will take part in the Startup Competition for Security, Defense and HLS organized by iHLS on July 11, 2018 at the Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv. Faception CEO Shai Gilboa says that at the competition they intend to present their ground-breaking system and even demonstrate one of its intriguing activities in the anti-criminal sphere, the detection of pedophiles.

Faception’s technology is part of data science, and it is implementing computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, and additional forms of information in order to analyze facial images and reveal character and personality in real-time in order to help detect anonymous persons with malicious intentions.

The company’s major customers are governments and state agencies in the anti-terror and anti-criminal fields, Intelligence Agencies and System Integrators. There is also a demand for Its technology by smart cities and public security organizations interested in the prevention of criminal activity by means of predictive screening. The new and unique technology supplies the exact solution for this need of automation for security.

Unlike most facial identification technologies, that are based on an existing database (big data), Gilboa says that Faception’s technology deals with people who are still anonymous and there is no intelligence information about them. Therefore, the company operates under full objectivity and with no risk to privacy. In fact, the system only has a facial image, it does not need any details of name, gender, age, ethnicity, etc. The system operates with no big data on people, just like a blood test, that is ‘blind’ to these parameters.

The objectivity of the system is based on the fact that predicting a potential intent from face structure does not involve any ethnic or racial differentiation, so there is no bias in the results.

Recently, the company has been expanding its activity to two new field, fintech and intelligent machines, supplying the personalization and human-machine interface. The innovative technology they developed will enable autonomous cars, human robots, etc. to understand the persons who they operate with and adapt themselves in real-team.

Meet Faception and dozens of other ground-breaking startups at the Startup Competition for Security, Defense and HLS on July 11, 2018.

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