Solutions for UAV-Defence Needed

As UAVs get cheaper to buy and easier to use, they’re also going to get more and more dangerous. Though people would be more...
drone attacks

New Tech Against Coordinated Drone Attacks

With the commercialization of drones, public security and critical infrastructure security have been exposed to potential drone attacks, thus becoming a major concern for...
Drone Attacks

Watch: Terrorists Behind Mass Drone Attacks Killed

Last week, 13 drones were flown from the Idlib area in Syria to targets about 50 kilometers from there, and tried to attack Russian...

An Adequate Solution for Small Killer Drones?

  With terrorists, militant groups, and other opponents increasingly employing weaponized drones, the U.S. Army is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers drones pose. In...

Original Weapon to Counter Terrorist Threat from Drones

France’s Air Force has found an original method to cope with the risk of drones designed for surveillance or terrorist attack. A group of...

Drone Swarms – Effective Counter-UAS Solution?

Swarming unmanned aircraft systems could be a solution for spoofing or jamming enemy drones and solve the shot doctrine problem when exercising counter-UAS capabilities. Cintel’s...
electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare System Counters UASs

More electronic warfare (EW) technologies have emerged as a counter unmanned aerial systems weapon. Recently, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) successfully showcased its SkyCAP counter...

Anti-Drone Measures will Protect Prison Installations

Anti-drone surveillance systems will protect sensitive Swiss government infrastructure. Rheinmetall AG has won two important orders for protecting the central prison in Lenzburg and...
photo illust. stinger

Successful Interception of UAVs by Stinger Missiles

During a recent US Army test, a pair of Raytheon Stinger anti-air missiles equipped with new proximity fuzes intercepted two small unmanned airborne systems—an...
small drones

US Seeks Solution to Counter Small Drones

  The US armed forces keep looking for new technologies to counter small drones, as they have become a threat from both law enforcement and...
Iron Dome

Egozi: The U.S Begins Evaluating Israeli Defense Technologies

By Arie Egozi The combat-proven Iron Dome rocket interceptor will soon be tested in the U.S. The U.S army has recognized an urgent need for...
drone detection

Drone Detecting Technology May Boost New-York State Economy

The need for Drone detecting technologies has been increasing. Spotting a drone isn’t always as easy as just looking up in the sky. Given...
counter UAVs

Resources Allocated to Counter UAVs

A counter-drone system designed to foil anything from explosive aerial robots to protecti against corporate espionage from the skies was showcased recently. Three German...

New Player Enters Drone-Defense Sector

The Spanish Defense Ministry has selected the AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) counter-UAV system to protect critical assets and personnel from the growing threat posed...

New Anti-Aircraft System Introduced

A new naval missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system, Pantsir-ME, was presented recently by the Russian corporate Rostec’s subsidiary, Tula KBP. The system provides...

Two Promising Applications in One Weapon

Defense industries have been investing growing resources in the development of an anti-UAV weapon for various uses by law enforcement teams as well as the...
small uas

Defending Critical Infrastructure from Small UAS

While used mostly by the military, small UAS are now widely available. With increased availability comes increased risk to critical infrastructure or crowded events....
small UASs

Preparing for The Small UASs Challenge

Countering small UASs (unmanned aerial systems) to help protect warfighters has become a growing need recognized by the US defense administration. DARPA (Defense Advanced...

Moving Against Civilian UAVs Endangering Aircraft

The administration of the Hangzhou airport in eastern China will use a high-tech solution to keep UAVs at a safe distance. The decision is...
unmanned systems

Awaiting with Excitement to the Unmanned Systems Conference and Demos

Everything is in place towards the opening this morning of the fifth Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics AUS&R 2017 conference, exhibition, and live demonstrations. All the...
counter uav system

Counter UAV System Developed from Tech Against Birds

A counter UAV system was recently demonstrated at the US military MFIX maneuver. DeTect, the developers of Harrier, say they originally built the systems...
counter drones

Counter-Drone Solution Installed in Charles de Gaulle Airport

The risk that commercial drones pose to aircraft is a growing one. The UK Airprox Board, which monitors reported near misses with aircraft, recorded...


Image from video

Ukraine’s Sea Baby Drones Just Got Deadlier

Ukraine improves its autonomous maritime capability by upgrading its “Sea Baby” multi-purpose unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which is now primarily focused on providing security...