New Player Enters Drone-Defense Sector


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The Spanish Defense Ministry has selected the AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) counter-UAV system to protect critical assets and personnel from the growing threat posed by malicious unmanned aircraft systems or drones. The contract is estimated to be worth around €2 million.

The AUDS detect-track-identify-defeat counter-drone system was developed in 2015 by a consortium of UK defense companies, including Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems. The AUDS system is the only mission-deployed fully-integrated, military grade counter-UAS system on the market. It was selected by the Spanish Defense Ministry after careful market research and extensive field trials.

Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems told “We’re delighted to have secured yet another sale of our strategic counter-UAV system. This contract with the Spanish military follows the successful mission deployment of multiple AUDS systems by United States’ forces in 2016. AUDS is fully developed so we’ve been able to meet the Spanish defense Ministry’s rapid delivery timescale”.

Using AUDS, the operator can effectively take control of a drone and force a safe landing. The AUDS system is proven to operate in harsh environments. It works in all weather, day or night and the disruption is flexible, proportional and operator controlled.

AUDS is positioned at the strategic end of the unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures market for use by government agencies, the police and military to protect high value critical national infrastructure and personnel or strategically important sites/events. These include nuclear power stations, borders, political, sporting or VIP events, airports and airbases.