Two Promising Applications in One Weapon


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Defense industries have been investing growing resources in the development of an anti-UAV weapon for various uses by law enforcement teams as well as the military. Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern has recently come up with the REX-1, a non-lethal electronic weapon capable of both shooting down drones and jamming mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals.

The deputy director of Kalashnikov subsidiary, Zala Aero Group, Konstantin Abashkin told, that the REX-1 could also be used in everyday life to ensure the owner’s privacy, and by police during rallies and other public events.

In addition, the REX-1 features a module capable of blocking GSM signals. “It can jam GSM-signals and 5.6 and 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, it can also be used against homemade explosive devices,” Abashkin explained.

He mentioned a hypothetical situation where a police officer stumbles upon an unattended backpack, activates the REX-1, points it at the backpack blocking all incoming mobile phone signals and waits for the bomb disposal squad to arrive.

The REX-1 also features a collimator sight, interchangeable GPS jamming modules, GLONASS navigation system, as well as a strap-on stroboscope, laser sight and audio and video recorders.

The Kalashnikov Concern, maker of the world-acclaimed AK-47 assault rifle and its derivatives, was created in 2013 during the merger of two Soviet-era plants, Izhmash and Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, becoming Russia’s largest producer of rifles and other weaponry.

The company sells civilian firearms and combat weapons in over 25 countries, including in Europe, Africa and Asia.