Two Promising Applications in One Weapon

Defense industries have been investing growing resources in the development of an anti-UAV weapon for various uses by law enforcement teams as well as the...
thermal camera

Thermal Cameras Enhance Perimeter Security

The use of thermal cameras across a range of infrastructure and perimeter security applications is on the rise. A true end-to-end perimeter intrusion detection...
infantry warfare

New Robot Could Change Infantry Warfare In Tunnels

In recent years we are experiencing a change in the way armies do battle around the globe: there are no more tanks-on-tanks clashes and...
bomb-making components

A New Resolution for Explosive Detection

Scientists are developing new methods to reveal traces of drugs and bomb-making components. A rather new approach named spectroscopy and in particular, infrared absorption spectroscopy,...
targeting system

Lockheed Martin Upgrades Key Targeting System

The Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) that, combined with a navigational pod, makes up the latest version of the low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared...

State of The Art Targeting Tech to Enhance Soldiers Capabilities

The US Army recently demonstrated a breakthrough in soldier weapons targeting. The development features a tiny, weapon-mounted thermal sight designed to communicate wirelessly with...
special forces

US Special Forces Upgrade Mission Readiness

The US special forces are always looking for new ways to develop their situational awareness. Recently, it was announced that the special forces installed...
shoulder rocket launcher

Shoulder Rocket Launcher Gets Advanced Sight

The Matador RGW-90 single-shot shoulder rocket launcher will be upgraded with an advanced sight, which would enable the Matador to accurately hit targets 1,200...
helicopter market

Game-Changing Technologies Shake Up Helicopter Market

The civilian helicopter market has been on the rise. Much of the growth is powered by technology that is making helicopters safer, more comfortable...

New Red Dot Sight Launched

Meprolight launches a new additional version of its MEPRO M5 Red Dot Sight. The new version has a Bullseye reticle that allows extended operating...
Revolutions in IDF Ground Arm

Revolutions in IDF Ground Arm

The technological and organizational revolutions in IDF Ground Arm has been gaining momentum. The multiple changes include a response to the offensive, border-crossing tunnels...
uncooled sensor

New Player at Defense Sensor  Industry

India enters the uncooled sensor (microbolometers)  industry. The Mumbai-based Systems 4 Ever (S4E) will collaborate with China’s Dali for technology transfer and manufacture of...

Surveillance Balloons Complement UAV Missions

Unlike airplanes and helicopters, smart surveillance balloons don’t need human operators in the sky. And in contrast to drones, they can spend long periods...
weapon sight

New Android-Based Sight To Send Image Directly to Command Center

After years of designing, checking and testing, Elbit’s subsidiary Elsec has completed the development of the Xact sight, a brand new weapon sight that...
night vision

The Future of Night Vision is Here

A series of night vision upgrades allows soldiers to shoot around corners and fire accurately from the hip with the Rapid Target Acquisition capability. In...
armed UAV

Turkey is Exporting its Armed UAV for the First Time

Turkish unmanned aircraft producer Baykar Makina will supply six armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to Qatar's armed forces. Under the agreement, six Bayraktar TB2...

Night Vision in Color is Game Changer

Increasingly compact night vision optics and cameras have fundamentally changed the nature of warfare, as well as law enforcement and other activities. But they...

New Goggles Tech Promises Better Situational Awareness

A new goggles technology helps US Marines identify potential buried explosive devices, find hidden objects in foliated areas and safely conduct tasks that require...

Future’s Tactical Assault Operator Suit

American war-fighters have long enjoyed a technological preponderance over their opponents. They are equipped with the best high-tech gear in the world, such as...

Indian Special Forces Get Major Upgrade

The Indian government is looking to enhance its special forces. Special operation forces of the army, navy and air force will get a major...
weapon exporter

Turkey is Becoming a Weapon Exporter

Slowly but surely, Turkey is becoming a weapon exporter country. About 100 KAPLAN medium tanks which are co-produced by Turkish defense contractor FNNS and...
patrol boats

Patrol Boats Are Getting New Type of Sensors

The U.S. has been enhancing the nighttime operational capabilities of its Navy and Coast Guard patrol boats. Long-range electro-optical sensor designers at FLIR Systems...