Helicopter Pilots Are Getting “Synthetic Vision”

A significant cockpit upgrade based on a “synthetic vision” will be provided by Honeywell to Leonardo’s AW139 helicopters. The Primus Epic 2.0 will deliver...
Full Color Night Vision

Full Color Night Vision For Soldiers

The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has been planning on increasing the lethality and capabilities of its soldiers during night time missions. A...

Digital Imaging Giant Unveils Ground-Breaking Sensor 

A new image sensor that is said to be able to “see in the dark” has been unveiled by Canon. Major applications will be...

New Specialized Helmet Cameras

Advanced MOHOC cameras are increasingly adopted by conventional military and first responders, and are already used by Special Forces and tactical law enforcement for...
photo illust pixabay

Smart Helmet – Not Just for Iron Man

An interactive head-up display will provide increased safety for law enforcement, firefighters, and even the military. A new helmet prototype is earning comparisons to...
armed UAV

Turkey is Exporting its Armed UAV for the First Time

Turkish unmanned aircraft producer Baykar Makina will supply six armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to Qatar's armed forces. Under the agreement, six Bayraktar TB2...
night vision injection

Revolutionary Tech May Grant Soldiers Night Vision

Soldiers of the future may very likely be deployed without night vision goggles or any other illuminating devices during nighttime operations. Nanoparticle injections may...
helicopter market

Game-Changing Technologies Shake Up Helicopter Market

The civilian helicopter market has been on the rise. Much of the growth is powered by technology that is making helicopters safer, more comfortable...
shoulder rocket launcher

Shoulder Rocket Launcher Gets Advanced Sight

The Matador RGW-90 single-shot shoulder rocket launcher will be upgraded with an advanced sight, which would enable the Matador to accurately hit targets 1,200...

Short History of Infrared Vision Technology

Technology keeps on changing how war is waged. One of the fields that has seen many changes is that of imaging and detection, which...

US Marines are Looking for Enhanced Night Vision Tech

The US Army has been enhancing its capabilities in night vision. While the Army is still developing an advanced version of night vision devices,...
smart combat helmet

India is Developing Smart Combat Helmet for Elite Forces

India has been indigenously developing a smart combat helmet that will supply its soldiers with enhanced situational awareness. The Indian Institute of Technology IIT-Ropar...

State of The Art Targeting Tech to Enhance Soldiers Capabilities

The US Army recently demonstrated a breakthrough in soldier weapons targeting. The development features a tiny, weapon-mounted thermal sight designed to communicate wirelessly with...
infantry soldiers

Major Upgrade to Infantry Soldiers Equipment

The French army has been upgrading the equipment of its infantry soldiers - including a new troop carrier and advanced personal gear. The Army...
Night Vision. image by pixabay

New Approach To Night Vision Technology

The ability to see in the dark offers exceptional advantages on the battlefield, but night vision equipment still has many limitations. A newly showcased...
Revolutions in IDF Ground Arm

Revolutions in IDF Ground Arm

The technological and organizational revolutions in IDF Ground Arm has been gaining momentum. The multiple changes include a response to the offensive, border-crossing tunnels...
night-vision goggles

Night-Vision Goggles Receive a Long Awaited Upgrade

A new system that enables real color view while using night-vision goggles, instead of the infamous all-green view, was developed by Chromatra, a company...

Surveillance Balloons Complement UAV Missions

Unlike airplanes and helicopters, smart surveillance balloons don’t need human operators in the sky. And in contrast to drones, they can spend long periods...

Dual Use Heads-Up Display Systems

The US Army’s new heads-up display is going to work early against an unusual new enemy: the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Integrated Visual Augmentation...
Image provided by Guard From Above

‘Evolution Eagle’ Military Spy Drone

The Evolution Eagle is a revolutionary covert drone that looks like a bird of prey. Guard From Above is a Dutch company known for its...
night vision

The Future of Night Vision is Here

A series of night vision upgrades allows soldiers to shoot around corners and fire accurately from the hip with the Rapid Target Acquisition capability. In...
targeting system

Lockheed Martin Upgrades Key Targeting System

The Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) that, combined with a navigational pod, makes up the latest version of the low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared...