Shoulder Rocket Launcher Gets Advanced Sight

shoulder rocket launcher

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The Matador RGW-90 single-shot shoulder rocket launcher will be upgraded with an advanced sight, which would enable the Matador to accurately hit targets 1,200 meters away. The existing sight provides less accurate aimed fire at only up to 500 meters.

A German firm has developed the 1.1 kg (2.4 pounds) reusable LRMP (Long Range Multi-Purpose) electronic sight.  The LRMP contains a laser range-finder and 5.5X enlargement. The sight takes data about the warhead type, surroundings and target and calculates elevation and lead (for moving targets) and a dot appears that enables the user to move the launcher until it is in position for the most accurate shot.

According to, the first user of the LRMP will be German Special Forces troops. Depending on warhead the sight attached to the warhead will be programmed to delay detonation after hitting the target to obtain optimum results. Matador alone weighs 8.9 kg (19.9 pounds) and it is a 90mm recoilless rifle type weapon that is one meter (39 inches) long.

There are several versions of Matador available depending on the warhead type. The initial version of LRMP is programmed to work with a multi-purpose warhead with adjustable detonation options. This warhead is designed to blow up buildings, or parts of buildings as well as destroy light armored vehicles.

The Israeli RAFAEL Matador is a disposable light-weight shoulder fired rocket. It is highly effective against both light armored vehicles and fortified positions, making it a versatile short range weapon. The MATADOR high penetration capability is achieved due to an advanced tandem warhead, according to

The German-made Matador entered service in 2000 and was a major upgrade of the earlier 67mm Armbrust, which weighed only 6.3 kg but was much less accurate and effective against armored vehicles.

Future versions of LRMP sight will work with other warhead types, like the wall breaching version. That version of Matador weighs 13 kg (29 pounds) and without LRMP has an effective range of 20-120 meters and is designed to create a hole, in brick or concrete walls, large enough for soldiers to get through. Other future LRMP enhancements will add the ability to work with existing removable night vision devices for Matador.