big data

Groundbreaking Big Data Tech Developed by IDF

The IDF has been dealing daily with missions involving the extraction of information and insights from large masses of data collected by its vast...

Technology Can Rival Terror

Due to recent events - terror attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and terror threats and alerts in most parts of the...
defense data

Leveraging AI to Make Latent Defense Data Usable

Researchers evaluate that 99%-plus of the data that the US DoD collects is dark and was never exploited. Artificial intelligence powered by cloud computing...
iot conference and exhibition

IoT Conference and Exhibition – Security Aspects

Have you registered for the IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition?  The event organized by iHLS will be held next Monday, December 25th, 2017 with the attendance of all the...
device encryption

Device Encryption Frustrates Enforcement Agencies

The FBI had been unable to access data from 7,775 devices in fiscal year 2017, a growing figure causing setbacks in cases from terrorism...

Start-Up: Innovative Learning Platform for Security Organizations – NSG College

Quality learning - this is the moto of the NSG College - National Security Group, that offers security organizations in Israel and all over...
cyber capabilities

Iran’s Cyber Capabilities Reflect Unique Internal Ecosystem

The recent protests in Iran and the regime’s attempts to block them shed light also on Tehran’s cyber capabilities. Offensive cyber operations have become...

What to Expect in 2018 in IoT?

As we approach the end of 2017, we begin to ponder what will 2018 look like, technologically speaking. One of the hottest trends today...
defense industries

Cooperation Accelerates Local Defense Industries

The Israeli defense industries have been actively participating in the Make in India initiative launched in 2014 and in other initiatives many years before....

IBM Predicts Ransomware Attacks Against IoT in 2018

Rapid technology innovation caused companies across industries to rethink how they leverage digital tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, augmented and virtual...
terrorist groups

Do Terrorist Groups Take Advantage of Bitcoin’s Benefits?

As the bitcoin concept gains more and more supporters around the globe, there are concerns that this digital currency considered a highly secure method...

Israel – A Cyber Nation

לעברית לחץ כאן . Israel is no longer a nation known only for its startup companies but now as a Cyber nation as well.  The government,...

Military Ship Network to Use AI

The U.S Navy is about to equip it’s Littoral Combat Ship (a class of relatively small surface vessels intended for operations close to shore)...
smart home

Smart Home is Falling Apart, Would Google Supply Adequate Response?

The message heard at the CES 2018 technology exhibition said smart speakers have become available for everyone and are part of daily life. However,...

Future Cyber attacks – this is the shape of things to...

The attack came via ordinary email, when selected South Korean companies received messages supposedly containing credit card information in the middle of the week...
satellite-drone communications

New Tech to Enable Better Satellite-Drone Communications

A new beam-switching technology was recently tested proving data transfer and anti-jamming measures between satellites and drones are more successful when two beams are...
internet of things

Coming Next Week: IoT for Security Conference

The forthcoming IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS will shed light on a lesser-known aspect of the Internet of Things: Security and...

Biometric database – knowledge is power

For some time now a wide and passionate debate is conducted in Israel regarding the Biometric databse the country plans to implement on its...
security flaws

Security Flaws Exposed Threat Personal Info

Hackers now have a growing number of avenues by which to access personal information, and securing that information will only become more and more...

Iran: A Global Cyber Threat

Iran is investing huge sums of money in developing aggressive cyber war techniques Both government and private cybersecurity experts are increasingly considering Iran as a...
cyber attack

Egozi: The Cyber Attack – It’s Only the Beginning

By Arie Egozi This time the cyber attack was used for extortion. But it may go further, much further and cause huge catastrophes. Hackers exploiting malicious...
ihls security accelerator

Security Accelerator’s Innovative Developments Showcased at Missile Defense Conference

Side by side with the impressive weapon systems presented at the exhibition of the IAMD Missile Defense Conference, the hundreds of visitors had the...


image provided by pixabay

US’s New Nuclear Space Rocket Shortens Trip to Mars

NASA, DARPA, and Lockheed Martin are working together on nuclear-powered spacecraft, which could dramatically cut down travel times to space, and more specifically to...