Smart Home is Falling Apart, Would Google Supply Adequate Response?

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The message heard at the CES 2018 technology exhibition said smart speakers have become available for everyone and are part of daily life. However, during the last few days, Google’s smart devices have been smashing home networks and causing unprecedented confusion in users’ daily tasks in all aspects. Have the optimistic forecasts regarding the smart home been too early?

Users have been reporting that Google’s smart devices have been smashing their home networks. The IoT connected devices, used for a vast array of daily activities, suddenly started to cause problems.

At first, the problem seemed isolated to the Google Home Max and the TP-Link Archer C7 router. However, it quickly appeared that the problem was actually more widespread. According to, users with other TP-Link routers are experiencing the issue as well, and also users with Linksys, Synology, and other types of routers. If that wasn’t bad enough, the problem doesn’t appear exclusively with just the Google Home Max. Users with other Google Home units and Chromecasts are reporting that their networks are being knocked offline too. Users are reporting that taking their unit off the network resolves the issue for them. This is according to TP-Link, Linksys and Netgear who have now discovered what is causing random router reboots, according to

Some of the companies have already found solutions, but they require complex installation which is not suitable for every user. reports that a beta firmware update for the Archer C7 appears to have fixed the issue. The Google Home team says that they have not received any complaints from users who are using the updated Archer C7 firmware. 

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