Iran: A Global Cyber Threat

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Iran is investing huge sums of money in developing aggressive cyber war techniques

16287540_m featureBoth government and private cybersecurity experts are increasingly considering Iran as a “top ten” cyberthreat. Iran’s recent activities and its motives have led analysts to rank the country among other cyberspace heavy hitters such as Russia and China.

The New York Times reports that American officials believe that several recent computer attacks could be traced to Iran. These targets, the Times notes, “included several American oil, gas and electricity companies,” as well as financial institutions on Wall Street and large systems operations. Further, an official with ties to the DHS told the newspaper that, “most everything we have seen is coming from the Middle East.”

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Recently, attacks have included the US Navy’s Intranet, the largest unclassified network in the service’s arsenal. It took four months to remove the hackers from the system. It is these much more damaging and costly infiltrations that have officials take a much more apprehensive view of Iran’s growing cyber capabilities.

According to HLS News Wire now that Iran has proven itself to be a more formidable cyber foe, experts recommend charting its course as an example of others to come.