Authorities May Soon Require Drone Operator Licenses

Quadcopter is the last hit among professional photographers. They use the unmanned platform to take wedding and other event photos from "exotic” angles. Only...
israeli defense industry

New Competitor to Israeli Defense Industry

The Republic of Korea has a long-term ambition to develop a domestic fighter aircraft, including relevant avionic equipment such as AESA radar. Now, the...

Latest Pilot Helmets Provide Innovative New Point Of View

The U.S. Department of Defense is upgrading the "look and shoot" helmet displays used by F-35, F-15, F-16 and F-18 pilots. F-35s are getting the...

Joint Manufacture of Maritime Helicopter Expected

The Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer Russian Helicopters holding intends to participate in the tender for the supply of 111 shipborne Ka-226T helicopters for...
Combat Vehicles

Futuristic Robotic Combat Vehicles, AI Closer Than We Think

Gen. Mark Milley, the U.S. Army's chief of staff said that the service's future combat vehicles and helicopters will need to serve in both...
data fusion

Data Fusion Technology – Vital for Drones and Aircraft

The large amount of data streamed from a wide variety of sensors has been a challenge to the data fusion research community.  Weapons developers...

Aircraft Cockpit Upgraded By Rockwell Collins

Lockheed Martin has selected Rockwell Collins to provide the Flight2 all-glass integrated flight deck for the Greek Navy’s P-3B Orion four-engine turboprops. The modification...

iHLS TV Special Interview: Ziv Nave, CTO at INNOCON

Register to iHLS Israel Homeland Security In this special interview to iHLS TV, INNOCON CTO Ziv Nave discusses the company, its products and the UAS...

Surveillance cameras in passenger planes?

Discussions in the aftermath of the Germanwings plane crash have raised the demand that surveillance cameras would be put in the cockpit, as an...

Police ‘Bobcat’ digging in the mud – tidbits from the AUS&R...

Israeli Police bomb disposal division showcased its robotic equipment without needing any environmental simulation. The rain provided the real setting to the display, as...

Lockheed Martin Upgrades Advanced Targeting Pods

Sniper advanced targeting pods (ATPs) for the US Air Force (USAF) will be upgraded by Lockheed Martin within the framework of a $961m contract....
turkish defense industry

Another Proof That Turkish Defense Industry is Moving Forward

The Turkish defense industry has been progressing. Turkish firm Aselsan has recently entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov company to supply avionics to...

NASA aims for air traffic control system for commercial drones

Agency seeks partners for a multi-year project to develop a protocol the FAA can implement for the safe commercial use of drones in the...
fighter aircraft

Russia Will Upgrade its Fighter Aircraft Based on Operation in Syria

Russia hopes to upgrade its fleet of Sukhoi Su-35C fighters based on experience gained operating in Syria this year. As with almost all new aircraft,...

Is the Taranis UAV operational?

Britain’s Taranis unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was dubbed the most advanced, albeit the most top secret platform in the whole world. The Taranis unmanned aerial...

Innovative Laser Weapon – to Equip Aircraft and Drones

General Atomics is to start testing a potentially revolutionary weapon: a 150-kilowatt class laser. It is not the only company developing laser weapons, however,...

China Developing Holographic UAV Control Center

China’s biggest aviation manufacturer, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), is developing a holographic ground control system (GCS) for UAVs. Unveiled at Airshow China here,...

Boeing Invests in Advanced Nanotechnology

Boeing announced its investment in Gamma Alloys, which specializes in aluminum alloys focused on developing advanced metal-matrix composites for use in aerospace, automotive and...

Application of unmanned military systems – experts weigh in

The field of Unmanned Systems is rapidly developing, as part of other burgeoning sectors, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and cyber. In the course...
cheetah fighter

South African – Israeli Cheetah Fighter will Help Train U.S Pilots

The South African company Denel Aviation has concluded an agreement for the sale of 12 South African-designed Cheetah fighter jets to the US-based Draken...
tanker drone

Close Race for Next Tanker Drone

Boeing unveiled its entrant for US Navy's MQ-25 tanker drone program, also known as the Carrier Based Aerial Refueling System (CBARS), designed to provide...

Cyber attacks on drones

The number of missions unmanned systems are tasked with, as well as their diversity, is expanding each year. The roles they play include a...