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Israeli Police bomb disposal division showcased its robotic equipment without needing any environmental simulation. The rain provided the real setting to the display, as the ground soon became muddy.

The police displayed Bobcat, a large robot designed to handle explosive charges. The robot’s arm dug deep into the muddy ground, having traces a gas canister containing an 80-gk electrically activated explosive charge. The robot’s small gentle arm detached the charge from its detonation mechanism and defused the entire device.

Israeli Police also showcased Andrews, a robot designed to handle suspicious objects. The centerpiece was the I DRIVE – a small robot designed for observation, which features 5 cameras. This is an Israeli product used by the police to inspect vehicles and and suspicious rooms.

Unmanned systems conference 2014 – Israel

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Contrary to the small dimensions of the police robot, the Super Heron towers above all other exhibits. IAI’s huge UAV, whose dedicated payload alone weighs 250kg, has a 45-hour endurance. The Super Heron is a medium altitude long endurance UAV featuring numerous sensors for multi roles.

FLYING PRODUCTION showcased its Da Vinci UAV, so named as it is reminiscent of a famous drawing by the renaissance artist. The three-engine hovermast is designed primarily for photography sorties, and comes complete with sensors, a GPS and inertial navigation.

AERONAUTOCS unveiled its best UAVs, the Orbiter 2 and 3, which have been sold throughout the world, including in Israel. The Orbiter 2 is a Mini UAV and the Orbiter 3 is a ‘Small UAV’. Both are equipped with electric engines, which make them silent – an important edge in the battlefield as well as in civilian and HLS operations.

RT develops and manufactures aerostats, an observation tool dating back many a generation. The three SKYSTAR models are designed to provide visual coverage, border observation, coastal security, intelligence gathering and communication relay.