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Sixth article in the series

by Arie Egozi

The smaller Israeli UAS manufacturers were also very active. Innocon, for example, has won a contract in early 2014 to supply its MiniFalcon 2 to the airforce of an Asian country. The contract includes 6 systems, each will consist of a ground station and 3 UAS.AUS&R_728x90E

Innocon’s MiniFalcon 2 UAS , is a medium size UAS weighing 170kg and capable of 15 flight hours and 15,000 feet of altitude.

This  UAS is capable of carrying a 35 kg payload that can include  day/night observation, photography, target location and acquisition and laser designation systems.

In Mid 2014 , BlueBird another smaller UAS manufacturer , was awarded a contract to supply its MicroB UAS to a NATO member customer in Western Europe.

The MicroB is an advanced, operational Micro-UAS, already delivered to a number of customers around the world. Weighting approximately 1Kg.

The MicroB is designed for full autonomous operation, unmatched ease-of-use, and high maintainability. Equipped with proprietary gimbaled and stabilized EO or high resolution un-cooled IR payloads, the MicroB can be autonomously launched from its hand-held launcher within seconds – even in a crowded urban environment, or through a window. The MicroB provides high quality video and images, with GIS information and automatic target tracking capabilities.

According to the Israeli company , the micro UAS is creating a new niche in the UAS arena providing unprecedented capabilities (10Km communication range and over one hour endurance).

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