ihls security accelerator

Join the Game! iHLS Security Accelerator is Opening its 5th Startup...

Apply Now! Are you a disruptive startup in the security field?  We at the iHLS Security Accelerator are looking for innovative ground-breaking technologies offering solutions for...
3d printer

3D Printer to Produce Military Spare Parts On Site

In many instances, military forces have to cope with situations whereas an urgently needed spare part is not available on site and it would...

Startup in the Security Field? Join iHLS Accelerator

Are you a disruptive startup in the security field? We at the iHLS Security Accelerator are looking for innovative ground-breaking technologies offering solutions for civilian...
flexible chip

Flexible Chip With Outstanding Memory Developed

A new smart, flexible chip, silicon-on-polymer, with more than 7,000 times the memory capacity of any current flexible integrated circuit on the market was developed....
3d printing

Custom-Made Drones Within 24 Hours

The US Armed Forces have been using 3D printing technologies more and more often. They have been manufacturing 3D printed grenade launchers called RAMBO,...
aircraft damage

Sensors to Detect Aircraft Damage as It Occurs

The detection of aircraft damage at a late stage might cost huge resources and even lives. Researchers with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and...

New Lighting Products for First Responders

HG2 Emergency Lighting, which manufactures innovative equipment for first responders and law enforcers, has announced the release of new HG2 products with the implementation...

Would 3-D Printed Drone Replace the Raven?

A new technology will make drone manufacture much cheaper and more efficient. That’s the vision behind a new drone program, from NexLog, the US...
3d printers

3D Printers Need Limitation

All sorts of new cyberattacks have been rising in popularity over the last few years. Due to the rise in attacks on 3D printers,...
3d printing technology

The Dangers of The Dark Web

The benefits of 3D printing technology are known, but less frequently discussed are the dangers. The open and accessible nature of the technology means...
special operations

Light and Affordable Technologies Sought for Special Operations

US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) science and technology is looking for equipment that weighs less, is more flexible and comes at an affordable price....
sensor coating

3D-Printed Sensor Coating Would Cover Robots and Aircraft

A new method of creating flexible, printable electronics that combine sensors and processing circuitry was developed by MIT researchers. The work was supported by...
startup festival

Startup Festival – Not Only Security Technologies

The startup festival and Startup Live competition are back for the second time! If you want to keep pace with the latest technologies or...
3d printed UAV

3D Printing – UAV’s Now No Further Than a Click Away

The Military is no stranger to 3D printing, and so far we’ve seen this demonstrated in concepts for body armor and using the technology...

Freeze, Your’e Under a 3D Scan

New 3D scanning technologies may have applications that could advance the police work. When it comes to impressing jurors, crime scene investigators are feeling the...

Unmanned Technologies Increase Risk of Mass Destruction Weapons

Fears from the use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists have risen following the United Nations' deputy chief warning issued recently. These could...

Another UAV Development Up the Pentagon’s Sleeve

The Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office continues to perfect drone swarm technology featuring micro-UAVs that are fired out from fighter jets to distract and attack. The...

Printing Parts with 3D Technology – Risk for Defense Industries?

Defense and aerospace Industries have been facing the risk of bogus parts manufactured by 3D printers. The issue of product safety in these industries is...

First Soft Untethered Robot Developed

A team of Harvard University researchers has demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot. This small, 3-D-printed robot — nicknamed the “octobot” —...

3-D Printer Plastic Firearm Confiscated in Airport

Airport screening agents at Reno’s International Airport in Nevada confiscated a plastic handgun produced with by a 3-D printer from a man’s carry-on luggage....

3D Printing Technology – Advantages and Risks

3D printing is a new emerging technology with applications at the civilian and military production. However, it has some cybersecurity and other implications that...

Airbus’ New 3D Printed Plane

Airbus has just unveiled a revolutionary new 3D printed plane. While this aircraft is not full-scale, it’s a gigantic milestone in aero manufacturing. This...


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab https://www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/1034511

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...