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automotive bulb camera

Automotive Bulb Camera to Supply Valuable Big Data

Autonomous driving systems have to “learn” from real-life events before they can operate. A patent-pending automotive bulb camera will enable the collection and analysis...
video surveillance

New Search Engine Revolutionizes Video Surveillance

Searching video surveillance streaming for relevant information is a time-consuming mission that does not always convey accurate results. A new cloud-based deep-learning search engine...
patrol robot

Smart Patrol Robot Enhances Segway Advantages

A new patrol robot with artificial intelligence capabilities leverages the proven Segway mobility platform in operating various security missions. The robot is equipped with...
intrusion detection

New Intrusion Detection System Certified for Military Use

An advanced perimeter security system has been recently certified by the US Air Force. The fence-mounted system detects and locates any attempt to cut,...
iot 2017 conference

Extraordinary Security Solutions Exposed at IoT 2017 Conference

The IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition held today at the Lago Conference Center have attracted all the leading figures in the IoT sector, technology,...

Technology Can Rival Terror

Due to recent events - terror attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and terror threats and alerts in most parts of the...

New Swarm Technology For Guard Robots

Despite perimeter fences and other site barriers, intrusion into protected areas is not uncommon. When trespassing is detected in a protected area, the main...
video analytics

Cutting-Edge Video Analysis for Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the video analytics field. One of the pioneers in the use of AI and deep learning technologies for...

The Israeli Navy of the future

Advanced submarines, missile boats capable of attacking aircraft, radars capable of tracing underwater strikes. These are some of the features of the Israeli Navy...
parachute recovery system

Drone Ballistic Parachute Recovery System To Hit Market Soon

Civilian drones have become a big part of many companies lives, from filming movies and advertisements to delivering packages like Amazon wants to start...
facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technologies – Top Priority

The White House instructed the Department of Homeland Security to escalate the deployment of a biometric monitoring system to evaluate all visitors crossing US...
defense industries

Cooperation Accelerates Local Defense Industries

The Israeli defense industries have been actively participating in the Make in India initiative launched in 2014 and in other initiatives many years before....

Revolutionary Sensor Mimics Shark Detection Ability

A “quantum material” that mimics a shark’s ability to detect the minute electric fields of small prey has been tested. with potential applications from...
video analytics

Expect Resurgence in Video Analytics in 2018

An increasing interest in video analytics was demonstrated in 2017 from commercial industries using the technology for business operations, yet the security industry remains...
drone threat

US Dealing With Commercial Drone Threat

Do commercial drones pose a genuine security threat? Owen West, a former Marine who U.S President Donald Trump hired to advise Secretary of Defense...
כטב"ם הרון

Heron UAV Secretive Sensors Revealed?

India has lost a valuable troop scanning Heron UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), along with its payload of sensors and intelligence systems, to a cross-border...
detecting concealed weapons

Detecting Concealed Weapons in a Covert Way

Concealed weapons detection systems that enable the screening of individuals in the public sphere without them being aware of it, can buy first responders...
internet of things

Coming Next Week: IoT for Security Conference

The forthcoming IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS will shed light on a lesser-known aspect of the Internet of Things: Security and...

New Security Scanners for Canada’s Border Service

Smiths Detection has won a follow-on order for over $8 million to supply mobile X-ray cargo screening systems to the Canada Border Services Agency...

India Is Looking For More Drones to Monitor Borders

It is already common knowledge that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are taking up a significant role in the defense plans of many countries. In...

Integrating Video Analytics Technologies At Airports

Only three years ago a Hezbollah terrorist passed safely and quietly at an airport, just before committing a terror attack in the city of...

Not only in Gaza- Third Tunnel in one year discovered in...

An El Centro Sector Border Patrol agent assigned to the Calexico Border Patrol Station discovered a cross border tunnel during a routine patrol along...