Automotive Bulb Camera to Supply Valuable Big Data

automotive bulb camera

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Autonomous driving systems have to “learn” from real-life events before they can operate. A patent-pending automotive bulb camera will enable the collection and analysis of huge quantities of video data from real traffic events. The simple camera system can be retrofitted to virtually any car. The data is essential for driving further development for autonomous vehicle technology.

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Autoaid, the startup that develops the solution, says that using the new vehicle lamp, drivers will also benefit from cutting-edge assistance systems. However, before the development can be advanced to the stage where driving is fully autonomous, huge quantities of video material of traffic events are needed to enable the autonomous driving systems to be appropriately trained.

The automotive bulb camera is a high-resolution camera which can be integrated into a halogen or LED automotive lamp and is used in conventional car headlight lamp holders, for instance H7 or H4. The startup states that because of its simple nature the original visual appearance of the vehicle is not altered.

This is a further component of the company’s new telematics platform, wherein the cameras record all traffic events and send them, coupled with the real driving behavior such as steering, braking and accelerating, as well as with the geo-data, to its servers, according to

The data is then processed through its object recognition software which identifies the traffic participants, traffic lights, signs and much more.

The results then can be used by the industry wherein the data is detailed, along with being almost inexhaustible in terms of volume of data for the driving behavior of millions of car drivers.

From the point of view of the end customer the solution also offers attractive retro-fittable security systems such as a lane-keeping assistant or a collision warning system.

Various solutions for big data challenges will be discussed and presented at the coming Big Data for HLS Conference and Exhibition. 

The event will be held on February 21st at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion, with the participation of the leading experts and industries of the big data ecosystem in Israel and abroad.

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